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Hive Logarius

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+++Imperial Guard Database: Access Granted+++

+++Information: Hive Logarius+++

Located within the southern regions of Province Sector Luciria Largentia, Hive Logarius is one of the smaller hives within the sector but one performing an important role nevertheless. The Hive controls numerous waterway-based shipments all across the planet. While not entirely fallen, the present loyalist Imperial Guard forces are suffering casualties by the hour with more and more ground slipping into the hands of the traitor Guardsmen regiments. Should the Hive fall, this means that one of the major shipping ports in Agathon will belong to the hostile forces and as such will lead to a tremendous boost in their ability to resupply their ranks with rations, ammunition, vehicles and troops. Due to this, it is imperative that the Hive does not fall completely, lest it be years until it can be retaken, if at all.

+++Information: Strategic Points+++

- Logarius Drydock: A massive shipyard, incharge of distribution of all manner of both military and non-military goods across the wide landscape of Coronis Agathon. The drydock is set up in 3 sections, with each proving more difficult to overtake than the last. 

  - Cathedral Outpost "Callius" provides overwatch over the first row of waterways. This sacred bastion remains under the control of local Ecclesiarchal Forces led by Priest Ariis Pertram and a retinue of Battle Sisters. The local Imperial Guard 104th, 683rd and 912th Infantry Regiments, after suffering heavy casualties, have retreated to the bastion and have formed a combined Regiment, serving under Pertram. 2 Immolators, 4 Chimeras and 1 Hellhound prove invaluable in the defense of the outpost, but the garrison is ill-equipped to deal with more heavily armed opposition.

  - Fortress Outpost "Venerable" is in effective control of the 2nd and 3rd Shipping Manufactorums, but has lost control of the 1st. Led by Captain Ellian Wheatley of the 907th Armored Regiment, the Manufactorums are still in service in spite of the heavy fighting going on in the surrounding areas, providing a steady flow of Imperial vehicles to assist in the fighting. 1212th Light Infantry and 450th Heavy Infantry Regiments are in near full capacity, working alongside Captain Wheatley to maintain as much control of the Fortress Outpost, but cannot expand to retake control of the 1st Manufactorum.

  - Fortress Monastery "Martyr Logarius" is in effective control of the transportation platforms, currently halted in favor of forwarding all power in defense of the Fortress Monastery. Garrisoned by members of the Knights Cerulean Space Marine chapter, the Fortress holds against invaders thus far but its defenders seem to refuse to leave under any condition, meaning that traitor forces moving through the area can turn to attack "Venerable" without being subjected to much return fire as a result of the Drydock's layout.

+++Information: Irregulars+++

- Mordian Iron Guard: A garrison of these troops keeps the administration under tight defense, making sure the ruling aristocracy of Logarius remains safe from Chaos insurgency. The steadfast efforts of the foreign troops has rendered the top sections of the city and all noteworthy members of society in relative safety but without direct access to the lower sections of the Hive City, given the strict orders under which they operate, the Iron Guard will eventually run out of supplies, which would lead to a disaster should the ruling class be brought under the heel of Chaos.

- Agathon's Flamerats: A Penal Battalion located in the lowest sections of the city, under the command of Commissar Justinian IV, a valued individual with many years of experience. The flame rats are a flamer-intensive group of individuals, and where they dwell their choice of weapons have served them well. Clearing out districts of Genestealer Cults, Ork farms and insurgents, it is not certain if they are even aware of what goes on in the upper levels. Business as usual for the penals.

- Brother Yneas, Brother Ellias and Brother Ospheron of the Fire Angels Chapter. A tactical squad occupied with systematically eliminating pockets of Chaos insurgents across the city. Almost constantly on the move, these 3 Adeptus Astartes are credited with numerous high value eliminations and the destruction of various stolen supplies before they could be tainted by the forces of Chaos. The 3 marines report encounters with traitor Astartes and have reportedly won a street fight against a group of their fallen brethren.

- Logarius' Free People: A force of armed civilians, having managed to procure themselves weapons from the manufactorum they were working in. They hold the gates to an essential production facility, designated as the 11th Arms Manufactorum. Under the command of Tech Priest Fayaarr and with the assistance of a local garrison, this largely civilian-focused group has done an excellent job in securing their stations but, like with others who are unable to break through the enemy siege, they are running on borrowed time as their food supplies are thinning out.

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