Loyalist: 333rd Siege Regiment

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Loyalist: 333rd Siege Regiment

Post  Karthusin on Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:56 am

+++Imperial Guard Database Access Granted+++

+++Information: 333rd Siege Regiment+++

Founded within Hive Center Preturus, native to Coronis Agathon's Luciria Largentia, the 333rd Siege Regiment is seen as a prestigious regiment to be accepted in. Led under the iron heel of Colonel Gideon Feuerbach, the Siege Regiment can proudly boast of its numerous campaigns spanning the whole of the Segmentum and beyond. 
Noteworthy conquests include:
- The siege of Namidia III, spanning the course of 18 years with unflinching resolve on behalf of the 130 000 men deployed within the miserable conditions of the desert planet against an onslaught of an Ork Waaagh led by Warboss Hakankutta.
- The siege of fortress Klon, spanning 4 years under ceaseless attack, only successful as a result of the 240 000 333rd Guard and their ability to hold an anti-air cluster, leading to attrition in favor of the Guard forces in opposition to the traitor "Desolators" Warband
- The trench war of Legia IV "Yadiim'', spanning 28 years of trench warfare carried out by the 150 000 troops and their heavy artillery, leading to an eventual breakthrough against the combined forces of Tau Al'ran and Guard Deserters.

+++Information: 333rd Regimental Command+++

Colonel Gideon Feuerbach:
Stationed within his Fortress Headquarters upon the peaks of Hive Preturus, the Colonel and his retinue of advisers have proven to be exemplary leaders, not afraid to put the needs of the Imperium before themselves and their Regiment. The Colonel commands large detachments of troops all across the Imperium and no cost has been too great for the success that he has accomplished throughout the years. A decorated veteran, serving within numerous campaigns himself, accomplished in both field and strategic command, Colonel Feuerbach understands the purpose of his Regiment and the many hardships it has and will face in the future, as long as the Emperor wills it. This has left him somewhat undermanned in the current events, as right before the fall of Cadia, Gideon had 3 detachments of 100 000 troops sent in support of the planet. Unfortunately, they never reached their target and were swallowed by the expansion of the Warp, leaving those men out of reach. A dishonor he means to right in his command upon his home planet of Agathon.


Captain Dorius Enthal:
An upstart captain, proving his ability to lead within the trenches of Yadiim, however his progress was stifled considerably upon returning to Coronis Agathon. Finding himself all too used to the slow nature of trench warfare, his reintroduction to the much more mobile expansion of heretics and their often unorthodox tactics has left him outclassed. Fearing a demotion if not an accusation of incompetence, especially if coming from the Colonel, the captain has had to relearn everything at a rapid pace and make amends for his various failures. His current time is spent in the presence of the 401st Regiment, assisting their tanks in the far outskirts of Hive Logarius.

+++Information: 333rd Culture+++

The Regiment is not far too different from any other in this regard, with no special rites of entry other than their typically strict recruitment criteria. Respect, loyalty and dedication runs deep in the regiment, rendering them unlikely to falter when faced by overwhelming odds. Their strengths lie in their comradery and staying power. The regimental motto is:

"If necessary, 
From our ranks we will charge our bayonets,
stand side by side, stand side by side,
our battle-seasoned regiment.
If necessary, we stand like a wall,
in unshakable defense of our Imperium.
If necessary, we charge like ferocious bears,
unleashed upon the foes of our Imperium."

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