Thelrian, Eternal Guard

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Thelrian, Eternal Guard

Post  Berserker on Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:10 am

Those who know the Eternal Guard of the wood elves also know that they are needed most during the winter. In the summery seasons, the wood elf armies are aided by dryads, treekin and most notably the giant Treemen, whose strength, endurance and power far outmatches that of any elf. The Eternal Guard thus tend to serve mostly in ceremonial duties during summer. However, not all elves of the Eternal Guard are content with standing on ceremony in a world filled with threats; Thelrian of Wydrioth is one of these elves, and she is not one to sit idle. As such, she has been granted leave by her Lord to travel far afield to aid other races in their battles against the forces of Destruction.

Name: Thelrian
Age: The flows of time are distorted in Athel Loren, and thus, not even Thelrian knows her age in mortal years.
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Athel Loren
Kindred: Eternal Guard

Your typical wood elf female, graceful and elegant in war and peace alike. Ever bold and courageous, her posture is noble and vigilant, as well as perfect for looking down on lesser folk. Her long, black hair and fair, unscarred facial features may prove deceitful, as one might assume her of a simple elf-knight in shining armour; on the contrary, her lack of scars is a testament to her skill, as no Eternal Guard ever reaches their station without proving oneself worthy of it.

Behind a thick coat of gloating, snide remarks, nicknames and an ever-present degree of elven arrogance, Thelrian is a passionate, considerate and protective fighter. She will taunt her comrades and enemies alike in battle, only reluctantly acknowledge the successes of others, and at the same time, protect them with all her might, expecting little or no praise for doing so. A small measure of her honour has even extended to humans, who despite their incompetence displays a bravery worthy of respect, as well as willingness to fight for a good cause, even if Thelrian's idea of a good cause is one that ultimately protects Athel Loren.

Weapons: Longsword, glade shield, spear-staff, longbow. All of which are mundane (if that word applies to elven craftsmanship).

Stubborn - she will not retreat from a battle as long as she is protecting someone.
Hatred: Beastmen - No matter the circumstances, Thelrian will not ally with a Beastman.

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