Chevalier Alois de Artois

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Chevalier Alois de Artois

Post  Karthusin on Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:07 am

Name: Alois Lupelle-Cruchot Armantiere de Artois
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Bretonnia, Artois
Occupation: Questing Knight



"O young Alois, 3rd son of Bemont the Just, renown among his fellowship, beloved by the peasants,
Hath thou sinned,
Or hath thine ambitions led thee to the undertaking of this,
Quest most sacred, most sought by the Knights, most treasured by those Blessed, most feared by those cravenly?

O young Alois, hath thee thine mind forsaken,
Or is thine courage greater than that of your peers,
Will the Lady thou a Blessing bestow,
Or would thine flesh be pecked by carrion, thine bones be gnawed by goblins, thine armor be pierced by northmen?

O young Alois, one without a lady waiting at thy castle,
Or seek you a Maiden most fair on this journey,
Perhaps thou seeketh treasure,
Or is thine mind set solely on one goal, thy body with but one purpose, thy heart to only our beloved Lady of the Lake bestowed?

O young Alois, we wish thee well,
For thine company we found so swell,
Return home a Man amongst men,
O young Alois, 3rd son of Bemont, renown among his fellowship, beloved by us all, we wish thee splendor in accomplishing thy goal!"

- Poleweapon Experise
- Greatweapon Expertise
- One-handed weapon Expertise
- Mounted combat Expertise
- Cartographic knowledge
- Chivalrous charm

- Believed to have swore towards his chosen Dame when refused
- Believed to have participated in shameful relations with a fellow knight
- Believed to be ignorantly reckless
- Believed to be weaker than his fellow companions
- And yet, loved by many of his household's peasantry

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