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+++Accessing Astartes Journals+++
+++Access Granted+++
+++Welcome Inquisitor Xyra of the Ordo Hereticus+++


+++Searching for records on Word Bearer Havoc nicknamed "Havoc"+++
+++ ---------- +++
+++Matches found across several chapter records. Proceed?+++
+++Accessing data...+++


+++Record of Brother Julias Augrius Blood Angels 3rd Company:+++

"He was unlike the other heretics. This beast disregarded any and all manner of safety protocols, charging ahead of his wretched squad headfirst into Brother-Captain Helius. Under the circumstances, we could not turn our righteous bolters away, for we were under heavy fire from the Word Bearers. What we did not suspect was Helius, wielder of a relic power sword, to be overcome so easily. His weapon fell to my feet. That is when I turned away from the firefight, only to witness that monstrosity lift our brother as if he weighed nothing and shatter his spine over his greave. He turned his attention to me next. I turned to fire but my weapon was knocked out of my hands. I tried to battle, but found myself overpowered. He broke both my arms and flung me into Brother Yulean and Brother Georgios, following which he picked up the power sword and, as if to mock us, snapped it in half, humiliating Brother Helius even in death. Our squad was broken and we were teleported away before we suffered any further losses. Still, that beast was a noteworthy opponent. Would the Emperor permit me, I would empty the whole of my bolter into his head for the shame he brought upon my squad. The death of our Captain must be avenged!"

+++Record of Brother Velian Estiliyen Blood Angels 4th Company:+++

"It was a fierce skirmish between us and the Word Bearers. However our assault squads had managed to dispatch a number of their heavy weapon emplacements, granting us the ability to proceed into the Hive City. We emptied the streets, gunning down the cultists and tearing apart the traitor marines where possible. That is when I witnessed what I considered the impossible. One of our brothers, Emperor bless his pure soul, was sent flying over a rooftop. A decorated assault marine by the name of Rufus. However his head was missing from his body. His armor bore two holes, where his hearts were to be located. The savage that stood atop a heavy bolter emplacement watched over us, clutching Brother Gillihan of Rufus' squad by the neck. I heard the snap as his body went limp and he was tossed down into our midst. He displayed Rufus' head to us, but then disappeared from sight, having taken it as a trophy. Such mockery will not go unpunished. His sins will be repaid a hundredfold!"

+++Record of Brother Illian Lienus Blood Angels 4th Company:+++

"I recall the cityfighting to have ceased by then. We were regrouping, with the last of the heretics having routed. Or so we thought. What none of us had accounted for was the deranged, who hadn't retreated in time. Or perhaps he did not want to retreat? Either way, we did not anticipate the last of the traitors to come crashing down from a rooftop with the intent of stomping on one of us. We were a squad of 10 and he was but alone. Rationality might not have been this heretic's strong point, but when it came to fighting, he seemed ready to take us all on. I still remember his choice of weaponry. It was not befitting of any melee combatant. A simple heavy bolter, now scorned by his grip, with the head of one of our brothers impaled on a spike as if an ornament. He began to bludgeon Brother Usilus with the weapon, before promptly turning and impaling Brother Zhilus through the throat as he was about to strike him with his chainsword.

I fired my bolt pistol before I closed the distance, attempting to tackle this hulking monstrosity of a foul heretic down. However I felt the beak of my helmet shatter when his elbow connected, sending me to the ground. He toppled one of my brothers atop of me, causing further damage to the two of us, before he turned his attention to the others attacking him. We knew we were doing damage. He was grunting, I could tell he was in pain, but it did not appear to have held him back. I clambered onto my feet, assisting my brother in getting up. And yet I almost found myself back onto the ground as another one of us was flung in our direction. He was beating us all back, even with combined effort on behalf of our Brother Veterans. Bones shattered but more worryingly - his bare gauntlet drove through Brother Veteran Ignacius' armor, following which his spine was shattered from within. His whole body was used as a battering ram, repelling our counter attacks until Ignacius, alongside another 2, lay dead. With the rest of us incapacitated as we were, the heretic began to flee, taking only his heavy bolter with him. I could almost admire such prowess, were it not attached to the foul stench of Chaos. He will fall one day, that much I will guarantee."

+++Further records found. Proceed?+++
+++Accessing data...+++
+++Access terminated.+++

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