Model A1 "Dorothy"

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Model A1 "Dorothy"

Post  Karthusin on Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:40 am

Name: Dorothy
Model: A1 "Humanity Likeness"
Age: ???
Gender: Female


The android was created by an independent company with the goal of human likeness and robotic efficiency in mind. The first of her kind, she is implanted with the memories and personality of a fallen combatant, giving her an individual consciousness, however discarding the physical and mental weaknesses that come with it. Certain principles are present within her programming however, making her incapable of resisting particular orders and harming individuals that are designated as friendlies. While she has stated her displeasure for these artificial implementations, she also expresses understanding in regards to their placement. The android is a highly capable independent thinker outside of these restrictions, making her an excellent tactical unit.

- Combat efficiency: The android has had military tactics, strategy, martial arts and weapon expertise incorporated from creation.
- Power efficiency: Numerous nanobots present within her system serve as an infinite engine, keeping her running without the need of an external power source.
- Regeneration: Said nanobots can be boosted to maximum efficiency in order to perform regenerative capabilities should materials be present.
- Infiltration: The android can take up human appearance, concealing her various joints in order to practically become ''Someone else''
- Mental conditioning: Mental ailments to do not apply to this unit.

- Enjoys jazz music
- Enjoys pop music
- Enjoys dancing
- Enjoys singing
- Enjoys eating
- Enjoys drinking
- Enjoys card games
- Enjoys photography
- Enjoys reading
- Enjoys shopping

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