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Name: Sahin Naku'marah
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Affiliation: 6th Dynasty of the Tomb Kings
Occupation: Necrotect

Appearance ( To be drawn ):
An extravagant individual even amongst the highly egoistical Necrotects.

Fiercely loyal to Rakaph the III and as an extension Settra the Imperishable, Sahin is a man who takes great pride in his work. Having been one of the few Necrotects behind Rakaph's vengence, Sahin created a number of Necrosphinxes to serve in the Crimson King's army. And yet, while perhaps recognized by his King as a great stone forger, his legacy goes largely unnoticed by the likes of Settra and many of his competitors. Endlessly working away to create more and more marvelous statues, both on the battlefield and as a token of wealth and prosperity with their beauty, this ambitious Necrotect aims to not only be great but the greatest of his ilk. And yet the armies he constructed simply did not live up to the expectations of the eternal King of Khemri.

Thus it was decided. And Sahin sought permission from his formal employer in Numas, Rakaph, to venture out into the world by his lonesome in search of shards of Imrathepis' Royal Crimson Sphinx. A perilous journey that would take him across the many corners of the world and could potentially end with the Necrotect's death, but one that would yield ancient and unseen power should he succeed in reconstructing one of the greatest creations in Khemrian history. Surely that would be enough to impress the King of Kings as a one of a kind gift?

- Self-confident
- Proud
- Sportsmanlike
- Mildly deranged
- Flamboyant

- Has acquired a sense of taste as a result of taking a human's tongue during his adventures.
- Has acquired a sense of smell as a result of taking a human's nose during his adventures.
- Has acquired more prominent facial features as a result of fleshcrafting
- Enjoys wine
- Enjoys pottery
- Enjoys unraveling history
- Enjoys sabotaging his competition
- Enjoys confrontations with vampires and the trophies that come as a result

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