Althania, monarch of the Grey Marshes

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Althania, monarch of the Grey Marshes

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Althania, monarch of the Grey Marshes

Full name and title: Althania Atharnsdaughter, Queen of the Grey Marshes
Age: 24
Race: Human
Bloodline: Knightblood
Gender: Female
Occupation: Queen
Residence: Atharn's Fortress, the Grey Marshes
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 52 kg

Royal regalia:

Field outing:


With an arrogant, yet charming personality, Althania is a ruler whom her subjects either love, or love to hate. Her stubborn nature, and confidence bordering on recklessness, are highly valuable traits for the monarch of a land as unwelcoming and inhospitable as the Grey Marshes. She is supremely confident in her own capabilities, but also quick to acknowledge her own shortcomings - as irrelevant or unimportant. Yet she also loves her people dearly, and would gladly stand in the front ranks against any invaders - if anyone ever invaded the Grey Marshes, that was.

Arms and armour:
Althania wears an armoured dress, a tradition carried over from the Adrilan province of Mor Point, enchanted with additional protective runes. She also wears a water-resistant surcoat, an invaluable piece of equipment in the Grey Marshes. For weaponry, she wields the Sword of Honour, a powerful, magical blade which grants her increased powers against foes at or above her station or strength - certainly a more powerful artifact in the hands of a regular soldier, but the Grey Marshes have no abundance of powerful magical items.

Magic affinity:
Perseverance - In tune with her personality, Althania has developed a magical power allowing her to effectively ignore the weak points of her defence - her stubborn nature simply compensates by magically dampening every blow that gets through to her weak spots.



Althania was born as first daughter to the Grey Marshes' king, Atharn Adricsson. By demand of her mother, she was - rather than wait for the two to have a son - proclaimed heir to the throne, and declared crown princess.

As she grew up, Althania turned out an extremely stubborn young woman. Calling her 'diligent' in her duties would be lying; she was anything but, and instead stubbornly insisted on doing what she wanted to do - if she couldn't gain it by force, she would instead gain it through charm, and that particular trait was exercised quite often by the crafty young princess. As success followed success and few, if any, really managed to resist both her charms and her force - not that she made a habit of treating her subjects-to-be violently - her self-confidence grew, and when Atharn fell in an expedition in the Grimscathe mountains, Althania deemed it perfectly reasonable for her to take her father's place as monarch. After all, she was among the very best in the realm - ironically so because her magic affinity played a big part in overcoming her weak spots.

Today, she rules from her seat in Atharn's Fortress - built by order of her father, and one of few fortresses in the Grey Marshes that haven't sunk into the swamp.

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