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Name: Alex Mistral
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Residence: Unknown
Place of Birth: Kigal, in Irkalla
Height: 160cm
Weight: 60kg


Backstory: Alex Mistral was born into a rich Irkallan family. Her mother left her father during her younger years, leaving Alex with her father, mostly.
Living with her father was not difficult for Alex. He cared for her and used his wealth and underground connections to keep her content and out of harm's way.
Alex had more than she needed and went to a prestigious school for a while, too. There she had her first contact with Nen, though she was unaware of it.
Her nen was sealed without her knowledge and she would not discover this until much later. Eventually, things went from bad to worse in Irkalla.
So her father made an arrangement with the Zesified family, renowned mercenaries, and sent Alex to Redpulse, the neighboring country, to live with the Zesifieds.

- Audiophile
- Likes to tease

- Nen
- Knife Fighting

Hobbies & Talents: Music, she is good at Karaoke, watching TV and movies

Equipment: Average Clothes, a Ben's Knife


Favorite Food: -
Favorite Drink: Advocat's Spider Juice
Favorite Animal: Kildia
Favorite Music: Almost anything
Favorite Color: Blue

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