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Orgonia 101

Post  Karthusin on Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:35 am

Culture at home:

The orgonian people are a welcoming lot. Anyone can find shelter in orgonian homes as their belief preaches kindheartedness, empathy and understanding. As such, many a people down in their luck may find themselves retreating to Orgonia in order to start anew. Whilst taking residence in an Orgonian home, it is not uncommon to see:

- Harems: Wealthier Households can afford to take care of multiple wives and as such produce more offspring.
- Respect: In spite of the above, women are treated with utter respect due to their childbearing duties. They may take up work on their own volition but it is not expected of them.
- Sharing: An orgonian household will often share food and drink with strangers in need in equal measure to their own.
- Shrine to Thumei: Every household has a shrine dedicated to the orgonian deity. How decorated it is depends on a family's wealth but it is customary to serve a platter of wine at the shrine for the duration of a tribute.
- Family dinners: Orgonians place a lot of value in dining together. This is typically done in the household's dining room, which is off limits until dinner time. This is also where the Shrine is placed.
- Family pets: Birds, such as chickens, hawks and other species are considered symbolic of Thumei and are believed to be protectors of the household's integrity,
- Incense: Incense candles are present within most rooms and are lit during the afternoon and evening period, believed to be a time of ease and relaxation after a hard day of work.

Culture on the streets:

The orgonian streets are often littered with craftsmen, traders and religious centers. Still, specific rules apply to every stall, boutique or shop and are regulated by the local Falobian wizard and his disciples. Failing to meet expectations can lead to fines.

- Rugs: Every building offering wares of any kind is expected to have a red rug infront of its doors or stall. This is often done in order to appear welcoming and clean. Similarly, wiping one's shoes on these rugs means that the person entering has no ill intentions. They are removed and cleaned every night and placed back at the door in morning.
- Lanterns: Every building is required to have a lantern during the evening periods. This keeps the streets lit up and makes it easy for people to navigate as well as keep track of their belongings even in the late hours.
- Maintenance: Maintenance of the streets falls to the people, who are expected to clean up after themselves and their property. Anything that is found to be unsuitable and unbecoming of an orgonian can be met with fines. This often leads to exceptionally clean streets and districts.
- Shrines: Shrines are often the centerpiece of any street and are maintained by both the people and the government. Often placed above a water fountain, they symbolize purity and as such any may drink from the blessed waters at no expense.
- Temple: Most districts have a temple, considerably bigger than most buildings in the surrounding area. Access to the temple is only granted during the late afternoon and early evening periods, allowing commoners to enter and listen to Falobian songs and pay their respects to Thumei. Beyond that, only wizards and disciples may enter and leave at will.

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