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Lorielle Hunter

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Lorielle Hunter, sergeant of Elnean law enforcement

Full name: Lorielle Hunter
Age: 23
Race: Human
Bloodline: Yldean
Gender: Female
Occupation: Sergeant in the Valstred police
Origins: The Yldean countryside
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 60 kg



Lorielle is a gallant and idealistic yldean with a strong sense of justice, and plenty of bravado. She is proud and brave, as well as a skilled fighter, but she is also easily moved by tales of injustice, and a hard worker; these traits combined make her a tireless pursuer of criminals, but one who takes on too many cases at once. When she is convinced to take a break, she is more lax, but she often wakes up having dreamt about pursuing criminals. She is a fortunate woman who has found her calling at an early age.

While Lorielle normally only carries her inherited family blade, enchanted a few generations ago, as well as her uniform, her journey is taking her into dangerous lands. As such, she has been granted a suit of armour, crafted from fine Locrian steel. Despite its light appearance, it protects just as well as the heavy armour worn by Adrilan knights. Except the areas it doesn't cover.

Magic affinity:
Lorielle's magic, boosted by her Yldean blood, allows her to create magical chains. These are perfect for tying down criminals, as an improvised weapon, setting up traps, or any other clever way one might want to use a chain.

Lorielle's quest:
Having ventured south from Elne by sea, she has left for Kayre in pursuit of the criminal Zio, who was warped across the sea in a mech after escaping prison. No doubt the mech was stolen, and in the wrong hands, such as those of a criminal, it could do a lot of damage. Lorielle is set on pursuing Zio and bringing her to justice, preferably back to the prisons of Valstred.

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