"Stabby" Luke

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"Stabby" Luke

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Stabby Luke

Full name: No one knows
Nickname: Stabby Luke
Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Bloodline: Imperial... probably.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unknown, once sellsword in Alna Copperlock's band
Origins: Some claim he is a noble who fell from grace. Others say he is a farmer's son with a sadistic streak. Others yet believe he once was a soldier, but found that taking orders was not for him. All these claims are wildly disputed.
Height: About average.
Weight: Light of build, but no one knows just how light.


Stabby Luke has always been careful to keep his face veiled, leaving only speculation around his true appearance. Some say that his hair is a dark blonde, others say it is brown, and where some say it is short, others claim it to be long and soaked in his victims' blood. His limbs have been said to be gangly and with long, white, wicked fingers, for choking his victims, only to have recent survivors claim his strong arms and dark, powerful hands suggest he was once a hard worker. Others yet claim his skin is unblemished, and if it was not for his black, evil eyes, he would have a handsome, charming look. These claims are also all disputed, and as no one knows for sure how Stabby Luke actually looks, the rumours only add to his veil of rumours and mystery, thanks to strangers being mistaken for Stabby Luke.

The only thing that is known for certain about Stabby Luke's personality is that he has a shrewd, clever mind, capable of behaving differently, yet consistently, towards every single different person he meets. He can treat one beggar to a meal and give him a fair amount of gold, yet treat the next like utter scum. He is a treasured guest to some courts, while in other courts he is a persona non grata, unwanted by anyone there and threatened with execution should he return. Some say he is a trustworthy man with a sense of honour, others claim he is nothing but scum and should be imprisoned forever. Claims are disputed.

Arms and armour:
Luke has been seen with many, many different weapons; their only common trait is that they have all been sharp and pointy. People believe him to wield whatever suits his current purpose, some say he is a talented genius at single combat, capable of taking on anyone with any weapon.

Magic affinity:
Luke's magical abilities are as veiled in mystery as his appearance. Some claim that it is in fact his magical affinity that allows him to remain so mysterious, others state he is a master wizard who changes his appearance at a whim, even appearing as a woman when he wishes to. Whatever they truly are, Luke isn't telling.

Guardsman Acculus of Elthern wrote:Sir,

After a long and arduous investigation regarding the man known simply as Stabby Luke, I have finally been able to uncover vital information about his true identity. I have written it down within this document in the unlikely case Luke discovers m

This short document was found on a brutally mangled body, curiously not belonging to the deceased Acculus of Elthern, in the middle of a dirt road in the Federation.

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