Aeneas, the thrillseeking knight

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Aeneas, the thrillseeking knight

Post  Karthusin on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:08 am

Full name: Aeneas Galanis
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Knight, Halberdier
Residence: Uncertain, different bed chambers for every night.
Height: 1,64m.
Weight: 63kg unarmored/96kg armored

Armored ( To be updated ):

Background: A young knight of minor noble heritage, he has spent a great deal of time in Spear Keep, building himself up as a paragon knight from a young age. However the rigorous training had the adverse effect of making him a bit of a pleasure seeker whenever he was not on duty. Disciplined and strong in combat, but oftentimes useless outside of it, for he can never be found in one place to actually be tasked with anything that might benefit his community. Either way, he's made a bit of a name for himself as he's very much went about charming a good deal of single men and women alike on his various trips to taverns across the kingdom. A jolly fellow, that often returns home somehow having made a bigger fortune than what he initially set off with. Even so his mother often remarks on how his recklessness will get him killed one day.

- Charm
Whether he is even aware of this ability or not, for one reason or another he can be unconditionally irresistable. This ability can even sway somebody set on killing him should he remove his helmet in combat, though the success of it budges on the enemy combatant's will.
- Polearm expertise
This knight possesses excellent skills with polearms and is able to easily manipulate the battle by maintaining his distance.
- Sword expertise
This knight possesses excellent sword skills and is able to handily win a clash of blades with lesser skilled opponents whilst standing a good chance against equally skilled ones.

- Finely crafted halberd
- An ornate longsword, belonging to his fallen father
- Padded plate and chainmail armor
- A good deal of money
- A set of fine, aristocratic wear for outside of combat

- Enjoys a drink or twenty
- Enjoys the company of men and women alike
- Maintains a knightly oath not to harm women unless in dire situations
- Enjoys lazying about
- Particularly fond of ivellean ale
- Particularly fond of elthernian taverns

- Is said to have broken up a family and thus he has sworn to never get between people again
- Is said to have been found drunk on duty though this claim is solemnly disproved by the knight

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