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Captain Alere

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Captain Alere of Fargate

Full name and title: Captain Alere Holgard of Fargate
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Occupation: Captain and warmage of Fargate's military forces
Residence: Snowfall Fortress, upper Fargate
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 63 kgs unarmoured, 68 kgs armoured

Images: Coming soon-ish.

Supremely confident, antagonistic and an occasional tease, Alere is a very unorthodox Adrilan, caring only a little for a knight's honour in battle. Her fighting differs from that of most Adrilans - she fights almost like an Ivellean wizard, if it was not for her preference for fear tactics, and her love for melee combat, proving at least her Adrilan heritage. With her on horseback alongside her knights, she can wreak absolute havoc among her enemies prior to an actual engagement. Her arrogance and attitude are due to her results - the campaigns she has participated in have all been highly successful, even if many knights have had a bad taste in their mouth afterwards. For this reason, she sees herself fit to question any commander she serves under, offering alternate tactical advice and ways to overwhelm her foes without needlessly risking her men. Lately, under Evanor's command, her tactics and fighting style has flourished greatly, as her commander has shown great appreciation for them, and even someone as self-confident as Alere enjoys having their preferences appreciated by others.
She is not a complete disgrace to knights of the realm, however; outside of warfare, the knight's way of life suits her well, and she particularly enjoys occasions allowing her to dress up in finer clothes. Arrogant as she may be, she can be quite charming and pleasant to stick around if one manages to impress her.

Fighting in melee is not her strongest suit, but she uses a long steel staff as a weapon in combat, serving as physical weapon and catalyst to magical attacks alike, making up for her less impressive weapon skills with terrifying attacks that cause her foes' heads to explode.

Magic affinity:
As a quite adept warmage, Alere has developed a good affinity with magic. Her natural ability is quite potent as a result; she can cause any single person within her sight to experience visions of their currently most likely way to die. While dangerous to some, it can fill others with a sense of peace. Particularly strong-willed people often use their new knowledge to prevent their deaths.

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