Another magical girl (awaiting approval, subject to change)

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Another magical girl (awaiting approval, subject to change)

Post  Berserker on Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:24 am

Name: Annette Chevalier
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
Nationality: French
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 53 kg

Coming soon

Personality and background:
From the lands around Montpellier, southern France. Born into a wealthy family, she can easily be considered upper class - her family owns a large estate, with surrounding farmlands, and has inherited quite a bit of wealth accumulated over the centuries. She also has an elder brother, who is studying in Paris - in order to get some distance from his family. She has a good ear for languages, and speaks French, English and some Latin, as well as studies Japanese - naturally, as she has travelled there for further studies. That particular act of hers was due to a foreign student in Montpellier speaking of the wonders of the world, convincing her to study abroad as well. She chose Japan, to see a culture and learn of history vastly different from her own; so far, she has not been disappointed.

She is a devout Catholic, faithful in God - though she does not believe He will intervene on humanity's behalf, she believes she can assist in bringing God's will to earth. Believing actions speak louder than words, she does not preach her faith, fortunately; instead, she chooses to act, aiding those beneath her (which is quite about anybody - being born into high standing does help inflate one's ego) if she can.

To help herself remain humble as her deeds bring betterment to the poor and feeble, she has adopted a habit playing right into her darker side: Every night, before prayers, she performs a mild form of self-flagellation, whipping her own back to remind her of the pain constantly endured by those she seeks to help. Over time, however, she has come to enjoy the pain, even as her pain threshold has risen dramatically, in no small part thanks to her becoming a Puella Magi. While she does not lead an ascetic lifestyle, she has, through her faith and her self-punishment, kept her heart where it ought to be, and kindness guides a great deal of her actions, even if her pity can also pass for arrogance.

- Enjoys pain
- Tireless
- Very optimistic
- Friendly
- Brave

- Burn The Witch
Intent on destroying all those who would do harm unto God's children, Annette can bring forth holy flames to consume her foe. Varies in its effectiveness.

- Turn the Other Cheek
Annette's opinion of pain has granted her a strange power: When she is hurt, her soul gem is strengthened, rather than weakened. Contrarily, her soul gem is drained at a faster rate than those of other girls between recharges.

- Aiding the poor
- Aiding the weak
- Painting
- Historical studies

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