A disillusioned girl

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A disillusioned girl

Post  Karthusin on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:39 am

Name: Hisae Carter
Occupation: Student, Volunteer
Age: 15
Nationality: Japanese-American
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 48kg

Outlook( Casual ):


Outlook( Magic outfit ):

Personality and Background:
A girl from mixed heritage in a well-off family. Hasn't been found wanting in her life, has performed exemplary in academic fields and is all around well-regarded by her peers. Still, she never quite stuck out from the crowd, nor did she make any particular effort to befriend anybody on a deeper level. Useful, willing to help out and easy to get along with but not much further past that point. She does volunteer work in the city temple, mostly concerning herself with tending to the gardens and cleaning. Suffered an accident, falling off her house's balcony at an earlier age.

- Dreamer
- Aloof
- Reliable
- Easygoing
- Capable
- Consistently tired
- Melancholic

Weapons and Abilities:
When transformed, she carries a large staff with a cracked temple gate atop of it.

- Able to sprout vicious thorns around a target, leading to entanglement, suffocation, evisceration and being crushed.
- Able to ward against magical abilities
- Able to emit corrosive water

- Enjoys reading
- Enjoys travelling
- Enjoys the beach
- Enjoys sampling food
- Enjoys gardening
- Enjoys walks

- Enjoys salmon
- Enjoys apple drinks
- Enjoys the song of the whale
- Enjoys the sound of the rain
- Distanced with her parents

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