A disillusioned girl

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A disillusioned girl

Post  Karthusin on Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:39 am

Name: Hisae Kunaboto
Occupation: Student, Volunteer
Age: 15
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 48kg

Outlook( Casual ):


Outlook( Magic outfit ):

Personality and Background:
A girl living a troubled life. Born to a wealthy Yakuza crime boss, she did not know much of her mother before she passed when she was at the age of 2. However she always got along with her father, who took to her and cared for her as if she were the only thing he had left. The pair formed a tight bond over the years inwhich they've been together and she did truly grow to love her dad like she had nobody else. Her public life was by and large disinteresting as not many knew of her heritage, only that she was rather well-off. Most friendships she'd form wouldn't be particularly long-lasting, but at the same time she had few enemies to speak of as well.

Things took a turn for the worst with her father's worsening health conditions however. Alas, the man was plagued with alcoholism among other illnesses such as diabetes and most prominently lung cancer, as a result of his smoking habits. The access he's always had to temptations, coupled with work stress led to the overindulgence in food and drink which left him a mess near the end of his life and in spite of her pleading with him to stop, she'd only really get empty promises in turn. Eventually he was bedridden and his life was slipping in a particularly painful manner. The cancer had taken over a considerably part of his chest, rendering it exceptionally difficult to battle and even experimental surgeries led to little success.

She sat by his side in the hospital, his men positioned around the hospital to make sure nobody came to disturb the man. The girl weeped whilst holding the hand of the dying man, who now struggled to speak. She urged him to remain quiet rather than torture himself and so he did, vacantly staring out the window, ashamed to look upon her. It was then that a wish was made and her father was restored. At a price...

- Dreamer
- Aloof
- Reliable
- Easygoing
- Capable
- Consistently tired
- Melancholic

Weapons and Abilities:
When transformed, she carries a large staff with a cracked temple gate atop of it.

- Able to sprout vicious thorns around a target, leading to entanglement, suffocation, evisceration and being crushed.
- Able to ward against magical abilities
- Able to emit corrosive fluids and tar

- Enjoys reading
- Enjoys travelling
- Enjoys the beach
- Enjoys sampling food
- Enjoys gardening
- Enjoys walks

- Enjoys salmon
- Enjoys apple drinks
- Enjoys the song of the whale
- Enjoys the sound of the rain

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