Bresa, crowned birch.

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Bresa, crowned birch. Empty Bresa, crowned birch.

Post  Karthusin on Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:10 am

Name: Bresa
Gender: Ambiguous, but belike masculine
Occupation: Traveling Sorcerer
Height: 1m88cm
Weight: 40kg

Bresa, crowned birch. Tumblr_o70rj0sNAh1s501gso1_500

Where have you gone, sweet child?
It's cold outside, it's awfully cold.
Where have you run off to?
I'm here, sweet child, right here.
You're cold and you've no place to go.
So run home, sweet child, run home.
You know you've no place to go.
Aaah, where have you gone, sweet child?
Where have you run off?

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