The Raven Tower

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The Raven Tower

Post  Homu on Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:25 am

There is an ancient tower in the eastern lands of Khaerum.
A nexus point of magic, here lives a family of notorious vampires.
Here live Briallen, Malandra and the Lord Ludwig.

The tower itself is full of maze-like corridors and rooms as well as several balconies.
Dark creatures and spectres linger within the trapped rooms and gargoyles are petrified on the outside.
On the foot of the tower is a small superstitious village.
The villagers live in constant terror in the shadow of the damned structure and its hellish inhabitants.

Need to rewrite this into a much cooler flavour text.

Notable Denizens

Briallen of the Raven Tower

Lady Malandra of the Raven Tower
Name: Malandra
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire

Description: The Sixth Deva (The Witch), a powerful exiled Vampire Sorceress. Commands powerful magic with Dark and Bloody themes. Has a daughter.

She has been exiled after allying with the hated Daos, a powerful mage of Khaerum.


Lord  of the Raven Tower

Name: Ludvig
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire

Description: An once influential Vampire Aristocrat, he now lounges in the tower.


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