Kurosawa Kiyoko

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Kurosawa Kiyoko

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Full name: Kurosawa Kiyoko
Age: 26
Race: Human
Bloodline: Federate
Gender: Female
Occupation: Traveller, adventurer
Origins: Matsuyama province
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 54 kg

Kiyoko, artist's impression:

Ever since she was a young lass, Kiyoko has been wild and mildly unpredictable, unlike most of her more polite countrymen. While she is a generally upbeat and very positive woman with a "can do"-attitude, who finds helping others a noble and rewarding goal in itself, she is rather whimsy and loves a good practical joke. As such, while her little pranks are never harmful in nature, they can be irritating, and if you ask her to retrieve something for you, she may often retrieve something completely different, for the sole purpose of making a terrible pun or other joke. She is quick to apologise to strangers, as soon as she is done giggling, but those she's comfortable around rarely get this apology.

At the same time, she's not one to confide in others, rather choosing to face her own problems and solve them herself. Whether it is pride or distrust driving her, she has never asked for help or appreciated it, be it in battle or doing other sort of work, and if she cannot overcome it herself, she has a bad habit of either retreating away from it or pushing it ahead of herself, until she finds a solution. If one attempts to help her, it is likely to get an irritated reaction from her.

Wearing little in the ways of armour, Kiyoko uses her speed and skill to avoid and parry enemy blows, staying as light and swift as possible. She wields a pair of daito in battle - as a wanderer, she does not wear typical samurai armour or carry most mainstay weapons, and the daito are chiefly there to defend herself if attacked.

As is traditional in the Federation, Kiyoko does not have any particular magical affinity; instead, she has trained enough to use her magical power to augment her strength, something she mainly does by channeling magic into her blades. When in battle, she causes one of her blades to heat up and catch fire, while the other glazes over with ice and starts emitting frost smoke. This causes both blades to cause immense damage, and the stress caused on her foes' bodies when facing both intense heat and intense cold has proven very effective at upsetting their neural system.
Furthermore, she knows a few spells, related to both fire and ice, that she utilises as surprise attacks against her foes, especially in thronged fighting.

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