An ambitious alchemist

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An ambitious alchemist

Post  Karthusin on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:30 pm

Name: Madeline Sofia Reece
Age: 29
Occupation: Lawyer
Nationality: Italian American
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Madeline was born into a wealthy and prominent italian american family situated in Virginia, USA. More over however her household was a rather special one since she never formally visited a school in her early years, instead subjected to private tutorage in all fields, including a unique one not typically found in most learning environments - magic. Having initially accepted this as the norm, Maddie was one to go out and cause mischief for others on the simple notion of disagreeing with her using her more prodigious abilities of mental manipulation. What would have started off as a harmless use of her abilities to make your neighborhood ruffians turn on eachother and punch out a teeth or two would later go on to become the implementation of false memories or even doing as much as wiping some clean from their owner, leaving them feeling stranded and alone with nowhere to go -

All the kinds of things that were generally difficult to trace and link to her, even if they kept popping up on the news at random intervals in regards to people she plain and simply didn't like. And while her parents could only limit her potential so much, they instead took to more formally disciplining her rather than leaving her to grow up as a spoiled brat who couldn't handle disagreement without the use of magic. This mix of (eventual) ethics and magical ability grew on to become what was possibly her strongest ally as she learned when it's better to apply one over the other and use her abilities for more harmless things, such as peering into one's mind as opposed to destroying it. 

During her later years Madeline did, however, become infatuated with the Academy of Atlas. While her family had no official ties to it, instead more closely affiliated with branches of the Mage's Association within the United States, Maddie herself had this unwavering interest in the concept of creating the seemingly impossible and causing awe the likes of which would require no manipulation of any kind - just the sheer shock of creating something tremendous that few could comprehend within the cycle of their daily lives. And while this fascination of her grew as she went on to study formal social science and law, she never truly mustered the desire to bind herself to the outdated rules of a bunch of wannabe philosophers.

Her mentality was instead, that if she were to create, it would be to further the progress of the world, as opposed to keeping knowledge tucked away in a vault for infinity. As such, upon finishing her higher education and starting to earn on her own, through the 'proper' use of her talents within the sphere of being an advocate, she eventually delivered the news onto her parents that she will join an organization more closely affiliated with her interests than to merely waste her time in the United States. And with their blessing, she relocated to Prague and joined the local association dedicated to the research of Alchemy. And while rules existed in all things, they were nowhere near as restricting as they would be in the renown egyptian academy.

Madeline was well-aware that this place would only harbor so much knowledge and as such took it upon herself to rise through the ranks at a pace, evidently driven by ambition. Enough to make a wish, that'd allow her to gaze into not only the libraries of Atlas, but the minds of its renown staff, perhaps.

- An abundance of wealth
- A luxurious apartment within the center of Prague
- A car
- High end office equipment

- Likes the name Maddie
- Likes fun passtimes
- Not the most outspoken when it comes to her long term goals
- Decent conversationalist otherwise
- Reputable, is often sought out for work - at a particularly high cost

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