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Name: Kalina
Age: 17 yrs, 10 months
Expected Lifespan: 18 years (2 months remaining)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Master
Residence: Unknown
Place of Birth: Tchaiganov Workshop
Height: 160cm
Weight: 50kg


Backstory: A Homunculus created by the Tchaiganov family for the purpose of "creating a human Mystic Code" and winning the Grail War. Who was her caretaker? Did she even have one? Was she taught? Or was she raised to be merely an obedient machine in the shape of a human with a definite programming? Who knows....

Personality: Will depend on some factors.
- Reserved on the outside, excitable on the inside
- Curious and attentive, she pays attention to her surroundings

-Is composed of 93% Magic Circuits, resulting in poor physiology but potent capacity for mana circulation. Due to the raw nature of them, however, her capability for learning Magecraft is low.
-Her specialized Magecraft is called "*Aisa Effusal". By chanting "Potok: Kalibr", she is able to "bring things to a point of resolution". For example, bringing a padlock to the point of it "unlocking". When "Potok: Preveyshiny" is used, it brings it to a point of "absolution". The padlock would then rust away and break, rather than simply unlocking. It mimics Time Manipulation of some degree, but is actually something entirely different. It cannot be used on living things.

Hobbies & Talents: None yet

Equipment: Average Clothes, a Notebook, Pen, Grail Investigations Bureau Invitation


Favorite Food: -
Favorite Drink: -
Favorite Animal: -
Favorite Music: -
Favorite Color: -

* "Effusal" is the Magecraft of the Tchaiganov family, often cited as "fateweaving". Seeming to be Material Transmutation, it is actually something more unique. Rather than actually interact with the threads of fate, it employs the usage of quasi-quantum calculations to hyper-predict outcomes and shift the states of things towards and/or into that outcome, regardless of if the prediction is correct or not.

LEGEND: [Octiebracket]: You are supposed to fill those in in accordance to your Magus Family, the creators of this Homunculus.

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