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Alna, adventuring barbarian Empty Alna, adventuring barbarian

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Alna of the Grizzlefang tribe

Full name: Alna
Nickname: Copperlocks
Age: 28
Race: Human
Bloodline: Wildblood
Gender: Female
Occupation: Mercenary
Origins: The Grizzlefang tribe, residing south of Adrila
Height: 244 cm
Weight: 142 kg


Strong and powerful as all wildblood humans are, Alna is a rather typical barbarian for her age. She sports a mild tan and long, fiery red hair, as well as elegant, narrow facial features.

Alna, adventuring barbarian Alna_c11

Restraint seems to have been weighted lightly when Alna was raised; she is full of emotion and action, and loves to share it with the world around her. When she feels compelled to act, she acts, consequences be damned. How she acts is hard to tell without knowing her, but those who do, in particular the valiant and very patient Belos of Ivellea, who has known her for the past two years, claim she is a hopeless romantic deep inside, but with a terribly low moral sense and no scruples with using force.

Arms and armour:
Alna’s armour is her own skin and muscle; her heritage makes her tougher than most humans, although her skin still is far from as tough as proper armour. For weapons, she wields what she calls a broadsword, and a battle axe. Her so-called broadsword is without a doubt a bastard sword, while her battle axe, while big, is still possible for a normal man to wield one-handed. Dual-wielding is a rare art on Kayre, but Alna possesses the skill - and brute strength - to do it. However, she also carries with her a heavy, round shield made from wood. She claims it has protected her from hundreds of arrows, yet the shield face seems unscathed.

Magic affinity:
Alna’s magic is surprisingly powerful, even without any sort of training in its use. It is based in her emotional nature; depending on how Alna feels towards someone, her magic can influence that individual either positively or negatively. If Alna hates another person with all her might, she can nearly kill with a stare; conversely, if she feels particularly friendly towards someone, that someone will, almost as though blessed, survive the most dreadful of blows.

Alna grew up in the wilderness in the south, where brute strength and animalistic cunning are needed in equal measure if one hopes to survive. Alna, luckily, possesses plenty of both, and grew up into a mighty fine woman. Life in the tribes is difficult, however, and often, choice of mates is made out of practical reasons rather than romantic ones. For this reason, Alna accepted the approach of her chieftain’s son, as he fancied her quite a lot.
 Alna quickly turned out to be too emotional and wild in nature to submit to her mate, however, to his great irritation, and the two argued many a time. This difficult relationship culminated in a duel of honour between Alna and her mate, where Alna stood accused of diminishing her mate’s dominance in the tribe. This duel was intended to be to first blood, but Alna’s ferocity got the better of her, and she ended up cleaving her mate’s head in twain when she saw an opening in his guard.

This was hailed as a show of strength in the tribe, and Alna’s father was commended - by the chieftain, no less - for his daughter’s might, but Alna herself took it poorly. She gradually distanced herself from the tribe, until she one day left, heading north to civilised lands.

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