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Emily Morris

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Name: Emily Morris
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Locrian
Age: 20
Occupation: Maid
Height: 158cm
Weight: 60kg


Born into a middle-class family she spent her youth like an average female of her social status.

Her father often read the newspaper and left it open, where she often saw articles about crimes and the like.
At first it upset her and she always asked her father why no one catches them. Eventually, she began to understand that some are just not easy to catch.
Emily began to like mystery novels and detective stories. She wanted to help catch elusive criminals and uncover their tracks.
But when she attempted to join law enforcement or become a detective, she was either rejected politely or laughed at.
Yet, she had to find a job and make a living. Her father suggested she becomes a maid, partially to have a job for her where she won't get any funny ideas.
She still has that idea in her head, however. When she reads a mystery book, she often pauses reading it to come up with theories and tries to solve the mystery before the book reveals it.

- Revolver
- Magnifying Glass

- Vindictive
- Good Hearing
- Quiet Footwork


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