(Tokyo) Golden Chrysanthemum Hotel

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(Tokyo) Golden Chrysanthemum Hotel

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Camilla Lindahl (Former)
Shin'Ichi Endou (Former)

Tomiji Narahashi
Age: 25
Occupation: Head of hotel staff, Bellboy
Relationships: Greets Camilla and Shin'Ichi in the lobby whenever they pass through and provides services
Personality: A loyal servant, the kind who would do anything he is told. Of course, he likes to have a little bit of authority and always talks down to those who do the wrong things in his lobby. Supposedly has a rude, dark side to him, for prior to his job he spent 4 years in jail with charges of assault.
Appearance: Tall and bald with a neatly trimmed moustache. Wears the golden hotel uniform at all times.
Habits: Clears his throat a lot.


Soh Ishiguro
Age: 31
Occupation: Hotel Taxi Driver/Endou Co Company Driver
Relationships: Private taxi service for Endou-employees and family members (including Shin'Ichi)
Personality: He is the pure silent type, not uttering a word unless it is as a response to his client. Seems cold, but he just doesn't say a lot. However, he gives mean looks to people who mess up his ride too much.
Appearance: Muscular guy with buzz-cut black hair that wears a white polo shirt with the Endou Co Logo on it, and tan trousers.



Exterior (Both towers)







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