Tree knight and Ongul the ogre

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Tree knight and Ongul the ogre

Post  Karthusin on Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:26 am

The roaming duo of what appeared to be a towering humanoid tree, clad in armor and an unusually blue ogre have been sighted across many lands, simply walking together with an unknown destination. They usually pose no threat to nobody and have not been known to be aggressive unless provoked. Where exactly they're heading is anyone's guess but traveler sightings would report that they don't follow a coherent pattern and will one day be within the far grasslands or deserts of Orgonia the next - somewhere in the Federation. That in itself being more of a myth than a reality, since in truth the two do take their time walking to places. They simply happen to be taller than most and take bigger steps.


The tree knight is said to have come from the sea, clad in his attire many years ago, wielding a massive sword and greatshield made of stone, the latter of the two having one day vanished with no trace despite its size. His armor, to those who have gotten close enough to touch it, was of similar stone craft that hugged the towering frame of the treeman rather snuggly. A stonemail coif covered the exposed parts of his body whilst a blooming cape of mossy vines hung over his shoulders. The knight was allegedly seen wearing a helmet in the olden days, but no trace of it has been found ever since his head began branching out and making a fine post for numerous birdies.

Besides that he is a man of few words, if not no words whatsoever as he's never been heard speaking. His movements, on average, are pronounced, staggered and slow however the call for battle against a group of overzealous woodcutters and ogre savages has been known to echo in quakes as he was finally forced to break out of his leisurely pace and strike out against his foes in a less pacifistic manner.


Ongul, on the other hand, has a more known history to him. The sad, grumpy, stupid ogre as he was seen by many. A loner, that strayed from his homelands during his early years and has been wandering about ever since. He's never been forward with people, nor has he made an effort of approaching anyone much at all. He has been attacked merely on the notion of being an ogre but when the grumpy ogre turned angry, his assailants often gave up their pursuit of slaying him for glory. A glory he did not understand. But all of this changed when he met his might companion and his frown turned upside down for the first time in his life. The ogre has been full of life ever since, jumping about, playing on the fields and socializing with the many birds that took turns, nesting on his friend's head. The two have run into trouble on occasion but they have never been out of arm's reach and have overcome any and all obstacles in their way. Perhaps with the exception of the mountains. They still had to walk around them.

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