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Virginia Dalsgard

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Name: Virginia Dalsgard
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Occupation: Knight
Residence: Corville City
Height: 174cm
Weight: 70 kgs


- Most notable is her large two-handed Axe which has a very long handle and counts as a polearm.
- Other than the Axe, she has an Adrilan Shortsword as side arm and a Dagger as backup weapon.
- A flask hangs from her belt, it contains <WIP>.
- She wears light plate armour. Plate Greaves, Chestpiece, Shoulderguards, Armguards and Gauntlets. A tabard adorns her chest.
- A chainmail shirt is worn underneath her armour, she also wears light cloth under that like is common. The chainmail extends into a skirt.

Distinctive Traits:
- Her face is rather youthful, she has thin lips, brown eyes and a small nose. Her black hair usually is tied in a short high ponytail.
- Often wearing her armour and carrying her axe.
- She appears to have a slim build with little curves.

A young female Knight, she is eager to prove her mettle and make a name of herself. She boldly seeks foes for her axe to bite into.
Strength matters to her, her own strength that is. She does not like being helped, too proud to admit defeat until she tried truly everything.
Virginia used to live in Windbridge, which she left after declining the hand of the Mayor's son on the basis that he wasn't her type.

Her main weapon is a twin-bladed longaxe. More information needed.

Magic Affinity:
When she defends against attacks with physical effects, she can retaliate with that strength added to her strike. Is not triggered by inanimate objects.

Hobbies & Talents: Spars, WIP


Favorite Food: Broiled Corville Beef Steak
Favorite Drink: Mulled Wine
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Music: Lute
Favorite Color: Red

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