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Vampire the Masquerade 2020

Post  Karthusin on Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:33 pm

The Times: This campaign is set in the year 2020 in the near future. Not a whole lot has changed. The world remains rather stale when the geographical map is concerned however life continues to 'improve' in the wealthy country with any sorts of technological advances. The electric car has become a standard within modern society, mobile and computer technologies continue to evolve and robotics are looked upon with high regard and expectations. At the same time, new problems have arisen within society. Various humanitarian issues that were thought to be extinct since the 50s of the 20th century have  become prominent again, with various social groups fighting over who-knows-what on, at times, a political scale.

Ever-growing scarcity of natural resources is becoming a looming threat and economic shifts are present among multiple nations. The destabilized middle east remains as problematic as it always has been, with an underground black market, now run through the dark web and its special currency, making things difficult for just about anybody when national safety is concerned.

The Setting: The setting itself will take part in one of the countries that is not so closely concerned with some of these issues, that being Japan. Remaining a relatively closed-off country when foreign mentality is concerned, running its politics quite strictly, it has largely managed to avoid any problematic social movements and modern day cult-like mentalities that have proven to be an issue in other nations. It remains closely-knit with western society however is evasive of embracing it in full, and as such retains its cultural identity quite prominently. The country has yet to suffer any major financial destabilization and remains in the top of leading economical powers. The average citizen in Japan can be said to live a good, healthy and secure life, and average life span is considered to be quite high.

The city of Tokyo, the huge metropolis, continues to expand into modernity though many of the traditional districts remain. And while the main districts the city was known for remain as they are, new ones have been formed as well...
-- To be expanded on soon.

Starting stats:
5 positive trait points to spend on 5 of the following:
- Well known ( This character is well known and seen in a positive light for some reason )
- Respected ( This character is respected and looked up to, be it in fear or awe )
- Charismatic ( This character is particularly charismatic and able to move people) 
- Attractive ( This character is viewed as way above the norm in attractiveness )
- Heart of the company ( This character is often sought for every social gathering, they're good with people ) 
- Prominent following ( This character has a prominent following, be it in the real world or on the internet )
- Major presence ( For one reason or another, this character has a major presence in the local region or even the world. Can be political or owing to some event )
- Wealthy ( This character is particularly wealthy )
- Loyal ( This character demonstrates outstanding loyalty )
- Intellectually outstanding ( This character is far more intelligent than your average joe )
- Physically outstanding ( This character is bolsters incredible physical prowess )
- Famous heritage ( This character's family is famous for one reason or another )
- Studious ( This character has a lust for knowledge and is devoted to its pursuit )
- Lucky ( This character is exceptionally lucky )
- Well-behaved ( This character is liked for their polite nature )
- Willful and headstrong ( This character posses noticable unbudging willpower )
- Fearless ( This character is difficult to frighten, if not fearless, by everyday standards )
- Listener ( This character is a good listener and often sought to comfort others )
- Well-disciplined ( This character is particularly well-disciplined )
- Situationally aware ( This character has abnormal situational awareness and 6th sense )
- Ambitious ( This character is driven by strong ambitions )
- Adaptive ( This character can quickly adapt to circumstances )
- Spiritually devout ( This character is spiritually devout and places trust in their faith )
- Diplomatic/Negotiable ( This character is good at resolving conflicts in a non-violent fashion )
- Technical Expert ( This character possesses a genius understanding of mechanical things )
- Martial Prowess ( This character possesses excellent expertise with a chosen type of weapon )
- Good actor ( This character is capable of putting up a very persuasive visage and is a good liar )

Possessing one of these traits does not automatically mean that your character is none of the others. The above mentioned are particularly noticeable and above the norm.

Negative traits: 
If you spend up to 5 points in negative traits, you may the corresponding amount of points in addition to the 5 positive trait total.
These include but are not limited to personality traits, physical disorders, mental disorders, fetishes, phobias and so forth.
These traits cannot directly contradict eachother, such as Wealthy and Poor at the same time.
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