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Name: Quinsel Freischütz
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assassin/Thief
Affiliation: Kingdom of Khaerum
Heght: 179cm
Weight: 86kg

Quinsel Freischütz IkVN6yj
Quinsel Freischütz VGZUoxY

- Collection of chemicals and ingredients, contained in a suitcase.
- Unknown number of steel and silver spikes, made for throwing and impaling.
- Customized flint-lock handcannon called "Fomalhaut". Designed to fire custom shot.
- Magical brooch of unknown properties.
- Pair of gauntlets designed to conceal and dispense his spikes.
- ...???

He can immediately be described as aloof. However, he can also be primarily described as a pessimist. He holds little faith and value in others due to his misanthropic views on society. Despite this, he can be a relatively charming fellow to be around, always able to strike up interesting conversation and always savvy to listening to the stories of others. He is a pseudo-pacifist, veering away from conflict whenever possible and always opting for a diplomatic solution... or better, a subterfugal victory. While he rarely does things for the sake of others, he has a soft spot for women and girls, and will often bend his own standards out of place to assist them when in need. He is incredibly passive aggressive when things don't go his way, however. He is the type that will set a lethal trap for someone who wronged him to fall into, all while he kicks back and relaxes, thinking about how great he is. A pessimist about anyone but himself, for sure.

- Despite being an assassin, he is more renowned as a thief of high-standard.
- Is a servant of the Vittelbach Family, and is rumored to originate from their "Manhunter" unit.
- He is a human that was raised in Khaerum. It is unknown from where he originates.
- Created his own type of magical art known as "Phantomcraft", though it's unknown what it implies. He is also an avid user of Displacement-type magics.
- His most famous feat is the story of how he managed to infiltrate a heavily-secured watchtower that was deemed "impossible" to pass into without detection. It is still unknown how he did this.
- Rarely accepts assassination contracts, but accordingly has never failed one.
- It has been said to never fight this man alone, if one wishes to be heard of again, that is.

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