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Post  Octie♥ on Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:45 pm

Name: Gaynz Aschbolg
Gender: Male
Occupation: Wanderer/Mercenary
Affiliation: Southern City of Grozna
Heght: 185cm
Weight: 99kg

Gaynz Aschbolg ShhDb3A
Gaynz Aschbolg AYnRVzo

- Polearm wrapped up in a bundle of special cloth (different than the one depicted in the picture).
- This is the spear known as Ghandr, an Ancient spear of the South that is said to "always strike the heart" of its target. It creates this phenomenon by bending causality to create a definite result, piercing the heart before a strike is even made. It is a guaranteed kill weapon upon activation.
- Two cases of Azheki Chalk.
- Gauntlets embued with mild magical protection.
- A pack of inscribing stones.

Gaynz has a whimsical yet somewhat suave personality that some could see as a nuisance, and others will see it as a pleasant experience. He can remain collected even in dire situations. The times when he does show some more animosity is when the heat of battle takes over. He is not necessarily a "good guy" that helps the needy whenever he can. He is a more neutral entity that helps others if it is convenient for him, or the bigger picture. He kills without complaint if it comes down to it, and accepts to play the bad guy if circumstances shift to such. Regardless, he has a strong sense of justice, though it is a more relative sense than a general one. Despite his youthful personality, he is a man of quiet conviction that will never break a promise if one is made with him, and will fight till the bitter end for those close to him.

- As rumors go, he has never been seen to use his polearm. Some owe it to cockiness, other owe to the weapon being an omen.
- Was born a Xillidi slave, he was adopted into a family that settled in the Southern city of Grozna.
- He is known to be a notable survivalist, able to survive handily in hot or cold environments. Accordingly, he is incredibly robust for a human.
- Has been known to employ the usage of Southern Runecraft-type magics.
- An all-round skilled fighter than can easily dispatch groups of bandits alone. His mysterious weapon paints a vague target on his back.

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