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Post  Karthusin on Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:39 pm

The Symptoms

The world has seen better days. Things have began to sway for the worse at a steady pace over the past few years and along with that, so have people en masse. It wasn't long ago that the world looked as if it was heading in the right direction at a global level. This was an illusion, however. An increase in crime rate, lower productivity, destabilization and more radical politics have all began to take roots in the very core of wealthy countries, nevermind the poor ones. Russia had assimilated a number of its neighboring countries, largely through coercion rather than force. A number of borders have disappeared as a result of this, with the European Union having officially crumbled. Or rather, crumbled would be the wrong term to use as Germany, Italy and France united themselves as a single country, only to be faced with further political turmoil which, in turn, led to open insurrection from the citizens of all three countries. What was intended to be a precaution move, should Russia become a negative influence once more, ended up turning into one seemingly massive mistake.

The middle east finds itself under constant pressure, with islamic forces having announced a Caliphat. Their conquest was, expectedly, met with resistance, locking the region in a state of unceasing warfare.

Countries like the southern african republic, Australia and Japan remain relatively stable, whilst China and the two sides of Korea begin to wage conflict against one another. The United States, whilst not entirely unconcerned with the matters, appears to be keeping an eye on Russia, whilst supplying the South Koreans with resources should the need arise. Beyond that, however, they have kept to themselves whilst the drug cartels in South America have began to grow exponentially, leading to further conflict in the region and its many borders.

All and all, the world's going down the shitter and we find ourselves in Britain, which is faring no less better. With only the Nordic countries and the US remaining as its solid trade partner, and the increase in migration from the European Confederation, the country is met with a massive influx whilst having insufficient job opportunities and ready support for the foreigners. 

The Disease

The truth is, however, that sinister forces are at work and have been for the past few centuries, biding their time and stretching their influence gradually. From the consecutive 20th century wars, to the Cold War and the rising tensions in the modern world, the demons of Hell have finally taken their first steps towards domination. Not to say that this was a combined effort, as their negative qualities oftentimes did not permit them to work with eachother, which led to the world splintering as it did, with vile creatures aplenty pulling at various sets of puppets. With nobody to effectively combat them, the fears of many doomsayers are now greater than ever. 

The Cure

Whether or not a God exists, a certain individual can and must make a difference, as otherwise all will eventually succumb to the evils of its puppeteers. He who shall see past what's infront of him in order to fulfill his duty - not just for his sake, but for the sake of humanity altogether. The success of this unnamed hero, however, is a laughable idea at best, but what other hopes do the blind masses have? Suffice to say, he has not much choice on the matter as his holy designation leaves him a target for the dark creatures to pursue. A matter of life and death is upon him and action is key.

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