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Else Ocelotte

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Name: Elsa Southwerk
Alias: Else Ocelotte
Gender: Obvious
Bloodline: Yldean bloodline just like her father.
Age: Appears to be in her early-mid 20s.
Occupation: Maid
Height: 1m77cm
Weight: 70kg


Elsa was born into a bit of an odd household in that she really got to know her mother, given she was merely left outside Clyde Southwerk's door 9 months after one of his weekly trips to the brothel. And while the man wasn't exactly a softie, he was forced to accommodate the child with nowhere else to give her away to and not the heart to leave her outside either. 

Clyde himself was a bit of an infamous sort. The man, having worked in the brickworks for the better half of his life, was also compensating for the lackluster payment through the shady business that was ''basement'' arena pitfighting and a renown pitfighter he was. Within weeks of his debut, he'd beaten up the majority of his competition - all is fair in the ring, of course, and claimed a good few monetary rewards while he was at it. And this went on for years, with many stepping up to challenge the supposedly unfellable 'Southwerk Beast' as his name was at the time. This afforded him both the money to take care of his basic alcoholic urges. And a few more trips to the brothel, although much more careful than in the past until he ultimately stopped going entirely. More importantly, the dirty money allowed him to take care of his daughter. 

Of course, being raised into this kind of household, Elsa wasn't exactly the typical girl-child, after dollies and pretty dresses. Much as she would've liked them, her father scarcely had the money to spend on luxury even with the rewards he reaped as a pitfighting champion. As time went on and she reached 10 years, she began training with her father, having expressed personal interest in assisting him with the brickmaking at the factory. She got on with the man quite well in spite of the difficulties, perhaps better than he would have ever expected which is why he never urged her to do any work, saying he'd take care of it himself. However when she asked him if she could help of her own volition, he could only oblige as in truth the help would have been much appreciated.

And so, Elsa, cutting her hair short so as to retain a more boyish physique, went on to work alongside her father, going on to later replace him entirely. That's not to say that she didn't come back home beaten up by all the hard labour, but in a way it gave her a sort of fulfillment that few things in life did, given she lived an all too carefree life before. So her body grew stronger in spite of the hardship and the few accidents involving torn muscles, her father's response to which was to set some time away for her in order to teach her his basic 'Southwerk fightin' style' in order to foster these injuries into further toughness. Give or take a few years, however, her more feminine charms did become apparent and there was a brief outrage over her participation in such typical man's work. As such she was shifted over to simple cleaning duties, which she felt were beneath her capabilities and more importantly - did not pay quite as well as before. This matter was only worsened as her father grew older and eventually returned from the pit with a broken arm and leg, carried over by one of his friends. With his pitfighting glory days now behind him, he thought to return to his old job-- but then, you needed an arm and leg for that as well...

Somebody had to pay the taxes and scooping up clay and dusting the factory equipment was barely enough to feed them, not to mention please the landlord. So Elsa went in search for a job at the worker's bureau, now well within her twenties. And it just so happened that maid duty had been something she'd technically done for years, had the looks for, provided the uniform and most importantly - paid well and allowed her to have food on the job that wouldn't come out of her pocket. All the while her father took to writing a novel-autobiography, trying to score big on the market. The only trial was to come up with a name that was... a bit more suited to being in the presence of aristocracy. The tale of the young dragon Ocelotte came to mind and with the mere removal of the syllable 'a' from her first name, Else Ocelotte came about. Surely the combination of the two would suffice in paying off the evil tax collectors on the dreaded mondays?

- Supposedly the daughter of Clyde, the retired 'Southwerk Beast' 

- The woman is clad in a regal set of clothes.
- A little talisman in the form of flower with 5 circular leafs that she keeps on her person at all times. Most often simply danging from her neck.

- Alcohol hits her hard.
- Has a marvelous singing voice.

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