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the sort of support character

Post  Karthusin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:38 am

Name: Miyako Saito
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Residance: Saito residance
Height: 1m66cm
Weight: 57kg


Miyako is somewhat of a carefree soul that, in spite of the fact she just barely touches any books, still manages to ace her tests, without the use of any shady means no less. The girl is often out and about, spending her breaks in all manner of places with all manners of people. She is fairly popular among her classmates both as the know-it-all that'd, in turn, help them cheat pre-examination. In addition to that, she's also liked for her looks and the occasional spot of flirtacious attitude. To all intents and purposes, a well-performing honor student, object of much praise and affection. And sometimes an annoying amount of attention.

- Well informed about the going ons in and out of school.
- Capable on-the-spot thinker
- Adaptable to different situations and places
- Outgoing and relatively easy to get along with if you ain't a creeper tanikaze
- Adventurous but rational
- Religious
- Capable of good english

- Gaming 
- Botanist
- Shakuhachi playing
- Exploring(Caves, forests, mountains. Anything non-urban!)
- Spooky occult delving
- Writing
- Camping

Favorite food: Salmon sushi
Favorite drink: Water. Best refreshment. Drinks a lot of water.
Favorite animal: Squid
Favorite game(s): Silent Hill franchise
Favorite music: Jazz and blues. Wishes she could visit a jazz club.
Favorite color: Silver

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