Shizuka, servant of Matsuyama

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Shizuka, servant of Matsuyama

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Shizuka, servant of House Matsuyama

Known as: Shizuka of the Bow
Age: 23
Race: Human
Bloodline: Federation
Gender: Female
Occupation: Servant, archer, and cook
Origins: The Federation of the Sacred Dragon
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 51 kg


Shizuka in her finer clothes:
Shizuka normally wears deep red and black clothes, these being her favourite colours - and a very good contrast to her pale skin.

Shizuka is a well-trained servant of the Matsuyama clan. She is loyal to a fault, and places her mistress' welfare before her own when the situation demands so. Thanks to her training, and a generally positive and kind attitude, she is polite to strangers and fellow clansmen alike, and treat those of a higher social standing with utmost respect. Her emotions are strong in her, however, and she springs quickly to action when her feelings tell her to. She seeks to do what she thinks is right, and only orders from her superiors can make her act otherwise.

Shizuka brings a long bow and a small quiver of arrows on her back, in case Ai requires someone to cover her back. As a trained archer, she is fully capable of using it. She also carries a dagger for self-defence.

Shizuka has, through long practice, managed to alter her magical ability into something more useful to her - namely something beneficial to her archery and cooking alike. Her magical ability allows her to stir pots without touching the ladle, as well as alter the trajectory of arrows mid-flight, allowing her to shoot down dodgy opponents. Her tutors believe that with more practice, she can launch arrows without a bow, but that is yet a long way to go for her. In essence, she may physically move lighter objects with her mind, and give them momentum if she so desires.

- Deeply loyal
- Kind
- Proud of her homeland and the clan she serves
- Stubborn

Shizuka has been in service to the Matsuyama clan for several years. Out of a desire to defend herself, she picked up the bow and arrow, and has spent much of her free time practicing with it - at first, she trained in areas where she could shoot and miss without getting in trouble, then at the clan's shooting ranges once she grew confident enough in her skill. In the past seven years, Shizuka has been among the very best archers among the servants, which earned her the nickname Shizuka of the Bow - a testament to her archery skills.

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