Sister Apris

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Sister Apris

Post  Homu on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:46 am

Name: Apris
Chapter/Organization: Adepta Sororitas - Order of Our Martyred Lady
Rank: Veteran Sister Superior
Age: 27
Status: Alive
Loyalty: Zealous
Strategic Importance: Noteworthy


Records of imperial offense: None known.

Recent history:

Notable Campaigns: Aside from regular battles, Sister Apris' records show her participation in the following campaigns.

The Martyrdom of Praxedes(991.M41): Part of the group of Battle Sisters fighting back the Tyranid Swarm.

The Purging of the Saint Garrat Scriptorum (Unknown Date.M41): Took part in the great purging.

Syrtis Major Campaign: Fought a bitter urban warfare campaign, working together with Imperial Forces.

Unnamed Space Station: Fought and survived Chaotic Influence as part of a small strike group aboard an abandoned Imperial Space Station.


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