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This is a guy

Post  Octie♥ on Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:03 am

Brett Beckett
Age: 18
Birthday: 25th December
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student/Part-time Boxer
Height: 194cm

Hair and Eye Color: Black, yellow eyes

Apparel: Commonly seen in a full tracksuit, but wears a suit for formal outings. Also sometimes wears a skin-tight long sleeve black top with jeans for casual.

Personality: He is very much a "never give up" type of person. He always sees the good in things and always fights for what he thinks is right. He is whimsical as well, however, and his carefree habits can be seen as rude or insensitive by others. For those he is close with, he always holds their interests and happiness first over himself. He just has trouble conveying it sometimes. He likes to motivate himself and others. Outgoing but in an adventurous way.

Favorite Food and Drink: Steak with fries, Cider

Ambitions: He wants to become a personal trainer.

Background: Brett has resided in Knightsbridge, England for his whole life. When young, he was close with his father, who owns a gym. Their time together in those times was spent training him to become a boxer, though he never took it beyond the level of a hobby, seemingly. He has no knowledge of who his mother is or what even happened to her; it's been made clear that it is not something to be talked about with his father.

They grew more distant as Brett grew older and more independent, but Brett still loves him very much. They have always lived in sub-par accommodation, but it is all adequate for living normally. He only ever went to secondary school, where he was popular but quite reserved since he never went to elementary school so he lacked social skills. He is still socially awkward, but more in a loud sense than an introverted sense. He is currently in Sixth Form (High school) education, taking part in an exchange program...

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