(For Apris) Dublin

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(For Apris) Dublin

Post  Karthusin on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:31 pm

Living space, workplace:

Abigail lives on South William street in Dublin in proximity to the Dublin city center. She owns a quaint apartment in one of the many identical-looking buildings.
Her apartment consists of:
- 1 bedroom
- 1 bath
- kitchen
- living room
- storage room

Her street is relatively packed and bustling with activity. The nightlife is prominent with a number of pubs along the street and one particular souvenir shop, that seems especially popular among tourists when it comes to selling idle trinkets that represent the country.

Abigail's workplace is located in Temple Bar square - the renovated, traditional section of Dublin, no more than 10 minutes away from her street. Tight alleyways leading into open courtyards, riddled with pubs, one of which she visits on a daily basis as a workhand:
The pub-restaurant known as "The Lucky Dubliner" is in the center of one such courtyard, visited frequently throughout both night and day. Abigail has infrequent shifts, and has to visit the pub at unconventional times if needs be. The pub's popularity among tourists brings in a decent income, which in turn permits her a healthy lifestyle without any great difficulties, save for her irregular schedule.
The necessary uniform is:
The trousers can be substituted with a black short skirt and some form of stockings that'll cover up bare legs. The choice is down to the work employees, solong as they fit these standards.

Current menu includes:
Main dishes:
- Steak(Rare, Medium, Medium-Rare)
- Spicy pork ears
- Pork tongue with sliced, spicy potatoes and onions
- Porkchops with vanilla
- Meat plate(Various meats along with toppings to provide aroma)
- Stuffed chicken
- Chicken coutlette
- Tomato salad with yoghurt and olives
- Cheese salad
- Tomato-cucumber mixed salad with minced cheese
Warm soups:
- Chicken soup
- Meatball soup
- Fish soup
- White sauce pork soup
- Spicy sausage soup
- French fries(Cheese costs extra)
- Collection of salami and exotic cheese
- Tuna sandwich
- Filled peppers
- Rice w/mushrooms, beans
- Jameson whisky
- Black ram whisky
- Guinness ale
- Guinness dark ale
- Heineken beer
- Coca Cola
- Pepsi
- Fanta
- Sprite

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Further updates to come.

Post  Karthusin on Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:44 pm


Name: Pat Callaghan
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Occupation: Pub owner/manager

Description: Pat is the owner of "The Lucky Dubliner" restaurant-pub and has inherited it from his deceased father Allen Callaghan. Pat is a fairly well-known man within Temple Bar and his small-time fame is owing to the fact that he's managed to run his father's business without any hiccups whatsoever. A strict, but understanding man, he is not beyond making the occasional compromise, so long as he does not get the hunch that his good will isn't taken for granted. His personal life is somewhat secretive and he is yet to be seen with any woman in particular. Still, he appears to be the life of the party whenever he shows his face in his own bar.

Known trivia:
- Known to visit "Quays Irish Restaurant" more so than his own.
- Known to play the guitar. Has done live-performances on special occasions.
- Known to take long walks during rainy times.


Name: Iona Neville
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Pub waitress, high school student.

Description: Iona appears to work even more thoroughly than the rest of the hired hand, with her shifts extending from morning until late evening with a couple of breaks inbetween during the summer period. Along with the bartender, she seems to be the most accomplished member of the small community despite her young age. A pleasant outward attitude, coupled with seeming tirelessness, she earns her keep during the months of inactivity. Despite this, she does not seem to have a particularly great self-esteem. Comes off as modest at the best of times. 

Known trivia: 
- Living on the outskirts of Dublin, travels by the morning bus, leaves with the evening bus.
- Owns a fancy cellphone, gifted to her by the pub manager.
- Problematic vision without her glasses.


Name: Angus McCallaghan
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: Bartender

Description: Angus, along with Iona, is one of the employees with the highest wage, owing to the fact that he seems great with the customers and attracts a fair amount of attention from the ladies. The attention doesn't seem to hinder his ability to perform his duties in the slightest, however, as he seems exceptionally fast at brewing up whatever's requested, even when there are more than 4 people at the counter. Memory serves him well, for he has yet to get an order mixed up. In the background, he's an easy, outgoing fellow to get along with.

- Despite name similarities with the owner, the two are not related.
- Lives in the center of town in a modern apartment building by himself.
- Visits a gaming store just slightly off the side of his building.
- Fancies an expensive hobby in the form of Magic the Gathering. Hence visiting the gaming store on a daily basis.


Name: Indrid Hemmingsworth
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Pub waiter

Description: Indrid always appears a tad bit tired, the look of someone who couldn't be bothered doing what he's doing but has to for one reason or another. His early shift is likely what brings about that consistently tired outlook, however he seems to suppress the exhaustion and push himself considerably whenever there are clients waiting. It's then that he appears positive, willing and able. The manager's described him as "the guy who does what needs doing, even if he can't be arsed". Still, he is not outright hostile or any such thing - simply indifferent.

- Working in order to support himself through the coming year of university.
- Likes cats.
- Fancies himself a glass of ale whenever on break, chit-chats with Angus more often than not.

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