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Linda Miller

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: School Girl
Residence: Camilla's Village
Height: 172 Centimeters
Weight: 58 kilos


School Style
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More casual style. More "serious" art-style
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-Formerly bored but now she has a new lifestyle
-Mischievous, especially when in private with a lover
-Somewhat spaced-out and head-in-the-clouds when not interested in something or someone
-Determined, which turns into absolute dedication and obsession with a lover
-Extremely unforgiving if betrayed, otherwise very forgiving

Weapons: Baseball Bat, as Magical Girl her weapon is a gladius. She also has a buckler shield.

Magic: Linda's magic is determination based. The more opposition she faces the more determined and hard her strikes will be.
When Linda transforms, her Magical Girl costume gives her leather and steel armour, with steel shoulder pads and steel chest armour which cups her upper chest however exposes her midriff. She also has a light leather armoured skirt with a belt on it and armoured boots that go up to her knees. Underneath are thighhighs.
She also gains war paint in her face.

-Good reflexes.
-Decent physical strength.

Hobbies and Talents: Linda enjoys going outside and sports activities such as Baseball, at which she is decent. She also enjoys Squash and Badminton, anything that lets her hit something with a bat or similar. She is quite talented at hitting stuff. Linda also enjoys the occasional riding, which she does at a nearby farm that she has good connections to.
Camping also is one of the things she enjoys, and since she has found a lover to dedicate herself to, pleasing Raelyn has become a hobby she is talented at, having a lot of stamina.


Favorite Food: Brændende kærlighed (English: Burning love)
Favorite Drink: An energy drink
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Music: Pop-rock
Favorite Color: Green
Soul Gem color: Green
Symbol: Buckler Shield
Location: On her navel
Witch Kill Count: 1
Wish: "I want to always have the strength to protect Raelyn and my friends, no matter how big, scary or vicious the enemy!"
Time as Magical Girl: Newly contracted

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