Michael Walker (Serendipity)

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Michael Walker (Serendipity)

Post  Berserker on Tue May 05, 2015 5:22 am

Name: Michael Walker
Nexus Account name:
Talkhouse Account name:
Hussle Account name:

Birthday: February 28th
Age: 18
Nationality: American
Race: Human
Hair & eye colour: Brown, blue
Occupation: Physics and engineering student
Residency: New York City (specifics coming later)
Powers: None
Items: Small adjustable wrench, two neodymium magnets, other items/gadgets depending on what he’s up to
Personality traits: Curious, creative, eager, impulsive, a little too reckless for his own good


Michael grew up in a town in Pennsylvania together with both of his parents. His father, working as an accountant, came from a conservative family, and made it clear very early that Michael’s experiments (of which there were many) were to be within certain ethical limits. Michael’s mother, a fine engineer in her own right, taught Michael much about engineering, and together with Michael’s natural affinity for physics, this led the young lad on the path to his studies. Throughout school, he showed a great understanding of the more scientific classes, as well as space, naturally at the cost of his interest in writing, though he showed a certain talent at satire. Currently, he lives on his own in a small apartment in New York; an apartment whose space has been further compromised by several projects small and large, among others Michael’s take on an infinity engine.

Hobbies & talents:
Michael likes to let his creative side express itself, usually by crafting gadgets using components he can’t really afford. The idea of humans colonising space has fascinated him for as long as he can remember, and he often reads articles about the process. He feels limited by his current situation as a student, however, as he wants to spend more time building, testing and researching.

Michael was banned from the school kitchen in high school when his ‘improvements’ on a microwave oven led to its premature demise. His ban was made permanent when it turned out he had made different modifications to each one of them. The result of the ordeal is that Michael is a terrible cook. He did, however, build a levitating pizza board for the teacher as an apology.

Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite drink: Apple juice
Favourite animal: Goat
Favourite music: Classic heavy metal (you didn’t think he had hair that long for no reason, did you?)
Favourite colour: Deep purple

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