Hikari Michiko

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Hikari Michiko

Post  Karthusin on Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:19 am

Name: Hikari Michiko
Occupation: High School Student
Height: 5,9 ft./180 cm.
Weight: 57 kg.
Activities and interests: Archery, minor interest in gunnery, video gaming, cooking.
Personality: Welcoming, decently talktive, slightly drawn away, occassionally aloof and talking nonsense. 

Things of note: 
- Fan of western music. Old, new, varies. 
- In possession of an accoustic guitar, interested in learning how to play it.
- Has a pet cat named Ryuumi.
- Lives alone, rent. Enjoys her relative freedom.

Favorite Food: Sandwich.
Favorite Drink: Something that keeps her awake at night.
Favorite Band: Oasis.
Favorite Song: Magic Pie.
Favorite Video Game:  Call of Duty. Whichevery one it is.

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