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Geographical information

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In order to help people picture the world before an official map is created and released, I will be describing the most important parts of it here. I'll be adding names too, because it's about bloody time.


First, as the case is with most celestial bodies, Lyrea is a round planet. Most of it is, similarly to our planet, covered by water, but the land areas form a significant amount of landmass as well. The two chief continents, Elne and Kayre, are located on the north and south halves of the globe, with a great deal of sea separating them. Elne, the northern continent, is significantly wider than Kayre, the southern one - not that Kayre in any way is a small continent. The Illyan sea separates the two.


Elne is the largest continent on Lyrea, and the, technologically speaking, most advanced one. It is, however, mostly uninhabitable, taking the brunt of magic exposure from off world. Only some pockets of civilisation manage to maintain their focus points and repel magic with them, much thanks to an infrastructure built up in the last century. As the landscape constantly and unexplainably changes in areas where magic runs unchecked, the uninhabitable parts of Elne will simply be a white area on the map, counting as unexplored. The inhabitable area will be drawn as well, but at this point in time it is not ready.


Kayre is the second largest continent on the world, and by far the most stable one. Most of Kayre is inhabitable, as focus points are plentiful on the continent, and serve to stabilise the continent. Only the wildest regions of Kayre are deemed inhospitable by the hardy people living on the continent. 
The northern coast of the continent is called the White Coast, so named for the white sand found on its beaches. Immediately south of those, on the western part of the continent, we find the Xillidi empire. 
South of that again comes Crevethia and the Federation of the Sacred Dragon; Crevethia being a large prairie where centaurs and barbaric humans live, and the Federation being a secluded region veiled in mists and myths, situated in a natural basin inside a ring of mountains. 
Southwest of here, we find Orgonia, Ivellea and Elthern, the two former being powerful, large nations, and the latter being an independent city-state ruled by scholars and wise men. 
East of Ivellea are the Dimberg mountains, tall and mighty, forming a natural barrier against invasions, and east of that again lies Adrila, with its open plains, steep cliffs and strong knights. Northeast of Adrila lies Tyrica, home of the Church of Guardians as well as many a farmer, and currently beset by ogres.
South of Tyrica are the Grimscathe mountains, where the ogres come from, and home to several dragons, spiders and who knows what else dwell in their dark gorges.
Further south we find the Grey Marshes, southeast of Adrila and directly south of the Grimscathe mountains, a stinking marshland where none but its inhabitants would ever consider living.
West of the Grey Marshes lie the territories of the Bear Tribes, more human barbarians.
Southwest of the Bear Tribes' territory, and due south of the Dimberg mountains, is Khaerum's northern borders, the land of the vampires, blanketed in darkness.

This topic is very prone to editing, and will mostly be obsolete when a map is finally produced. Don't hold your breath for it, though.

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