Knight Atlin Verice of Greyvale

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Knight Atlin Verice of Greyvale

Post  Berserker on Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:48 am

Full name: Atlin Verice
Nickname: Stoneheart
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Occupation: Retired knight
Residence: Misty Pass Fortress, Greyvale
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 86 kgs, no armour

Personality and history:
Atlin Verice is a man of a steady disposition. No battle he has been in yet has managed to get him off guard; some simply call him Stoneheart due to this. Stoneheart, who yields to no one. Similarly, none of the younger knights really know where he came from. He's simply always been around, and many of Misty Pass Fortress' younger knights have been trained by Atlin. He retired from the front lines a couple of years ago, due to old wounds causing him trouble, but he has instead turned his attention to teaching squires the ways of war. While he views this as a meaningful occupation, he knows that his time is not too far away, and that not even stone will endure forever.

Arms and armour:
Standard-issue broadsword, kite shield, and regular Adrilan plate armour.

Magic affinity: Atlin's disposition in battle has granted him the ability to increase the weight of his weapons and armour considerably, vastly increasing his constitution, but at the expense of speed and dexterity. With this ability active, he can withstand far heavier blows than most of his allies.

Traits and flaws:
-Respectful and courteous
-Reduced sight on one eye
-His left shoulder is stiff from injuries
-Patient up to a certain point
-Highly skilled at swordplay, and a good instructor

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