Cataclysm, the 7th Deva

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Cataclysm, the 7th Deva

Post  Karthusin on Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:22 pm

Little is known about Cataclysm, and most revolves around his legendary armament, consisting of his reactive shield, armor and axe. Towering well over most human beings, he is a menacing figure at first sight, though he is not as frightening unprovoked. It is common knowledge, among people who take interest in these powerful individuals, that Cataclysm can parry and even reflect spells and physical attacks without any apparent reason behind the mimic, other than it simply occurring. Being one of the more commonly spotted Devas, especially within Kinno, where he often takes place in the Tournament, people have seen fire, water jets and even lightning strikes bounce off his armor and back towards the original caster. Other times, his shield would absorb an attack and release a blast of unknown energy in an area around him, ranging from a mere inch to the whole arena, again, based on nothing but chance. His axe makes a worthy spectacle when it rips open the ground as well. The fact that this information is widely known has urged some people into researching the giant and trying to find his weakness. So far, such a weakness has not been discovered.


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