The Empire of the Iron Guardians (April Fools, Apr 01 2014)

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The Empire of the Iron Guardians (April Fools, Apr 01 2014)

Post  Homu on Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:47 pm

The Iron Guardians, ancient beings forged from stone and iron by the great creators, they are the Nogu.

Over 10.000 years ago, they were created by the great Forge God Fhrongus, to combat the old beings known as the Demons.
The war raged on fiercely, until it subsided with victory of neither faction. Buried beneath time and sand, they slumbered.
Other empires rose, such as the empire of Chandeum, and prospered. But in caverns deep, the Nogu stood guard.
Until teams digged them up, that is.

Capital: Nogu'Ban Castle in the Valley of Infinite Sprouts

Racial Leader: The Lightning Lord, Ran-pham Bo Rhaoo
Information: Lightning Lord Bo Rhaoo is a ruthless leader, who would send his soldiers into certain death.
Now awoken again, he seeks to rally all the races of the world together, to find and destroy the Demons once and for all.
By any means necessary.


Military Leader: Steelguard Qun-Lai
Information: Qun-Lai is almost as ruthless as the Lightning Lord, but much more cruel, for he was forged for war. His Gold-Horns are lightning conductors, and Lightning is his life force. Together with the Lightning Lord, he is a force of nature just like the Lightning itself.
He rides atop stone guardians, and is also known as the Hound-Master.

The Military
The Military consists of fierce and battle-hardened veterans, present since the beginning of time. The Nogu Military has sustained little casualties, considering their large movement. Many soldiers have had time to hone the abilities and strengthen themselves to the maximum until they were frozen in time, giving them even more time to hone their tactics within their dreamlike slumber.

Soldier Types:
Halberd Warrior: This fierce Stone Guardian wields a powerful steel halberd. His main attacks are wide arc swipes and ground shockwaves. He has average durability.

Fister: He wields knuckle-blades in each hand, and has fierce pummeling attacks and alot of stuns. His durability, too, is average.

Lightning Weaver: He wields a staff, and calls upon Lightning. His attacks are lightning strikes and area of effect lightnings. He is weak in melee.

Blood Weaver: This is one of the more dangerous spellcasters, using the Anima that binds all life. His durability is extreme, and they are not to be trifled with.
Looks like above, but more reds and blood stuff, and an evil staff with a skull!

Giant Stone Guardian: Very slow, equipped with a large spiked mace. Siege Weapon. Extreme Durability.
Naked and grey made of rock. No genitals.

Shield Guardian: They are the protectors, durable and distracting, their battle shouts are so fierce and insulting that most people cannot ignore them and feel compelled to attack them.
Should be obvious.

Guardian Stone Lion-Dog: A mixture of Dog and Lion, made of stone, these are like the eternal watchdogs. They come in various sizes and stone types.

Other Nogu.

Further Information:
In the ancient city of Nogu'Ban, other beings dwell, long forgotten. The One-Eyed Beholder whose gaze petrifies those who it meets into leathery mummies that cannot truly die.

The Elephant-Man, infused with Lightning Powers. He was the attempt of the Lightning Lord to create a super-soldier, but his brain was fried, and he became uncontrollable. He now lives in an unused courtyard, kept alive by jolts of lightning from the sky.

The Black Prison of Damnation:
In this prison is trapped the most vile and hated enemy of the Lightning Lord, one of the demons he fought but could not destroy is trapped there.
This demon, whose name is only known to the Lightning Lord, slumbers there, waiting for foolish adventurers to unleash its black breath of hatred upon the world.

Keep your eyes up for changes! I'll note changes in the Change Log thread that YOU OTHERS SHOULD USE ASWELL.

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