The Fourteen Ancient Killers of the Old World

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The Fourteen Ancient Killers of the Old World

Post  Octie♥ on Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:21 am

Generations ago, councilors ranging from the many nations of the Old World as well as the Arcane Magic assembled and declared the initiation of the Ancient Killer regime. In a world where war tears up the lands, certain individuals become infamous for their power. Because of the threat of such powerful individuals, a consensus was made. The Ancient Killer regime would highlight the most powerful individuals in all of the Old World, granting them privileges no other would experience. This was not only to keep such individuals in check, but also to make them into political devices that anyone could easily use to sway and create favors.

The origin of the term "Ancient Killer" is derived from a select number of humans in the distant past who are deified as slayers of corrupt Ancients. While there are loose connections, it can be said for some that the chain of killing extends between those from the distant past to the Ancient Killers of current times.

Ancient Killers must not be formally aligned with any political power, or else their status will be revoked. Any one who kills a Ancient Killer will take their place in the list, regardless of power level. Ancient Killers are exempt from many universal laws in the Old World, but may still be bound by regional ones. They also have free reign within most areas of the Old World and are permitted at least one portion of land to claim as their own.

The Fourteen Ancient Killers

*List is subject to change

1: The Nameless
2: The Golden King
3: The Vagrant
4: The Horseman
5: The Dragon Rider
6: Briallen's Mother (The Witch)
7: The Demon's Daughter
8: Cataclysm (The Warden)
9: The Shipwrecker (Formerly Shark)
10: The Haunt
11: The Swordsman
12: The Prodigy
13: The Broodmother
14: The Fox Monk (Guess who)


The Fox Monk: An long-lived monk of highest virtue, rumored to be proficient in eccentric, outlandish techniques and possesses transcendent wisdom. Has always been the 14th Ancient Killer, according to texts and accounts.

The Broodmother: A terrifying Xillidi exile that thrives in a massive den formed of her children. Has always been the 13th according to accounts and witnesses. Is implied to be an incredibly old and wise Xillidi behind her berserker-mother facade.

The Prodigy: Young mage with the highest magical potential recorded among mankind currently. Continues to learn and experience, growing stronger each day. Accidentally killed the previous 12th during a random target practice.

The Swordsman: A wandering bladesman that duels other swordsman he encounters. Innovated and is the sole master/user of an impossible technique. Said technique was firstly and lastly used against the previous 11th, killing them unconditionally. Previous 11th was indeed a swordsman.

The Haunt: Said to not exist materially, but solely in the fears of others. An unparalleled killer without an agenda, can be hired as an assassin without breaking the Ancient Killer regime, within reason. Does not accept any kind of payment except the assurance of death to the target. Hard to find and ask in the first place. Can be summoned, however, via unknown conditions.

The Shipwrecker: An inhabitant of the depths local to Moseli. Is usually docile, but can command the waters with capability rivaling Shark's, and with fury succeeding that of Sharks. Has unusual hatred towards fishing and trawling vessels, has caused much disruption to the fishing economy along the entire coastline, but not enough to warrant eviction from the Ancient Killers. Became one after they sunk the vessel of the previous 9th, drowning him.

Cataclysm: Big guy. Doesn't die.

The Demon's Daughter: A seemingly ordinary girl said to be the spawn of a demon's seed. Shunned by her own village in the Federation, but has since been taken in at an undisclosed location, her powers are latent. The one and only time her powers were partially released, the previous 7th was slaughtered in the blink of an eye.

Briallen's Mother: Like mother, like daughter? Kind of a lot worse.

The Dragon Rider: Has always been the 5th Ancient Killer. A mysterious knight rider that claims to have lived for millenia, having tamed the First Dragon, AKA the Ancient of Dragons. He does not control dragons, but rather has the correct type of willpower and influence to successfully mount any he encounters. It is heavily implied by historians that the Dragon Rider is a succession of individuals able to tame dragons, each assuming the same armor and identity.

The Horseman: Said to be as old as time itself, and to have walked along side the Ancients long ago. The Horseman simply wanders the world, with death as a lingering stalker to wherever it treads. It has no goals nor vendettas, it simply strides. Is said to be remnants of the Ancient of Death, but it is mainly believed to be the original one who "killed" the Ancient of Death.

The Vagrant: An eccentric wizard that acquired a "godly" power, and disappeared from the world because of it. Lives on through multiple witness accounts of "encounters" with him in random locations throughout the Old World. Is said to be constantly imprisoned within an alternate reality that parallels the current one, and is ignorant of the current world's occurrences.

The Golden King: A king said to have taken rule since the time of the Ancients. An "exception" to the rules of the Ancient Killer system since it has become an accepted fact that Ancients were felled by his hands in the past. A king without followers nor influence. He is not a king who rules, but a king who possesses. He is said to reside in a golden city that "transcends the plebeian realm".

The Nameless: Not much is known about the 1st, except that he killed the original 1st with a single, well-aimed shot from a mysterious ranged weapon. Since then, he has a tendency to appear at crucial moments in history, where his actions often spark off incredible reactions and results. Some reports, however, detail him simply observing the state of the world.

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