[Old World] Order of the Queen's Mercy

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[Old World] Order of the Queen's Mercy

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An order of knights based in Adrila, the Knights of the Queen's Mercy are dedicated to the ideals upheld by the late Queen Milena; that of a country where those who want to live in safety can do so. While Queen Milena was very aware that she could not achieve her ideal, as Adrila is a big country and it's hard to keep every piece of land safe, she still tried, attempting to negotiate for peace in all conflicts she and her bodyguards entered.

After Queen Milena was slain, her bodyguards, in deep shame and sorrow, decided to dedicate themselves to Milena's cause, naming themselves the Order of the Queen's Mercy in her honour. Ten years later, the young men and women have grown into veterans, but though their skill at arms is significant, it is their diplomacy and peaceful intentions that are their greatest weapons. Other young Adrilans have joined them afterwards, and the Knights of the Queen's Mercy now number nearly three hundred who ride all over the country, resolving small village disputes and attempting to better foreign relations.

How are they organised?
The Order follow a fairly strict organisation chart. At the top is the Grand Master of the order - once Milena's closest confidant and good friend, Grand Master Seloc now directs the Order of the Queen's Mercy with single-minded dedication. Below him are three Masters in the order, each one in command of a company each. Below them again are the companies - though company mostly in name, for the Knights' desired outcome is a non-violent one, and so the companies are usually spread out across the land, only four or five knights travelling together at a time.

The Knights' role in society
With the close ties the order has to the crown, Arrendal has proven willing to yield a small portion of his kingdom's income to uphold the Order of the Queen's Mercy. The order manage to get by with this, never passing three hundred amidst their number.
In Adrila, it is easy for conflict to start brewing between anything from farmers to nobles, and the Order of the Queen's Mercy attempt to ease negotiations by being a neutral third party in these conflicts. Not all conflicts are easily solved, but more than just a few have been resolved through the involvement of these peacemongering knights.

It is not unusual for other knight orders, however, to mock the Order of the Queen's Mercy. As the knights rarely if ever head into battle, their armour is in nearly the same shape as it was when they acquired it. Accordingly, they have few or no scars. The Knights of the Square Tower have jokingly dubbed them the "Knights of the Queen's Pretties", but the humble Knights of the Queen's Mercy only smile and shrug it off. Their way is not of pride and valour, perhaps even made even more clear from the collective shame shared by the founding members. With Milena's death, their oath of constant vigilance had been broken, and this shame humbles them greatly.

How they recruit
They rarely do; only when they meet particularly kind-hearted youths do they get into contact with them, and once the youths' time in the soldiery is done with, the Knights will approach them again. Once a recruit is gained, he/she will be taught by other knights to solve conflicts, being equipped in the order's armour as soon as possible. After the recruit's training is complete, he/she will receive a medallion, and full induction into the order.

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