[Old World] Knights of the Square Tower

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[Old World] Knights of the Square Tower

Post  Berserker on Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:31 pm

In the Old World, it's not unusual for knightly orders to form, ruled by their own codes of conduct rather than any king. One such order is the Knights of the Square Tower, based in Adrila. They are renowned slayers of many great beasts; even dragons have fallen to their blades. Easily recognised by their green shields, and the black tower painted upon it, the Knights travel far and wide throughout Adrila and beyond, both hunting down beasts prowling upon villagers and finding new threats to test their mettle against. Oftentimes, a single Knight of the Square Tower will better treat with bestial threats than the entire guard force of a village, but their skills are limited, and other knight orders mock them for their subpar skill in battle against humans. The Knights of the Square Tower, slightly insane as they are, laugh at such accusations and point to the skulls of smaller dragons, often serving as a headguard for their steeds.

How are they organised?
While tempting to say the Knights aren't organised at all, they are - though very loosely. The knights are independant of any organisation, rather rallying under the one among their band with the highest kill count, or those who have earned the killing blows on dragons and the like. Usually, one individual calls upon his fellow knights to join him in a grand hunt. If their game is challenging, many knights will join, and leadership is passed to the one of highest esteem among them. If the game is not as challenging, it might be a training hunt, led by an experienced knight and taking less experienced knights with him.

Experience is what matters to the Knights of the Square Tower.

The Knights' role in society
As the Knights need to earn money in order to buy food and weapons, they often take on requests for a slain beast. Many wolves have fallen to the Knights' swords and axes due to simple villagers' fear; a humiliating task for the great Knights, but an important one nonetheless.
However, the Knights do more than just beastslaying. They are also notoriously stubborn, carving out roads and building fortresses in the wilderness, solely to be closer to their desired prey. This leads them to create roads used by many more than just themselves, as well as their expeditions often being followed by cartographers and adventurers, so in spite of their self-destructive nature of fighting dragons, the Knights do quite a lot for the Adrilans.

How they recruit
The Knights, seeking to replenish their numbers and pass on a set of armour to a new recruit, will often venture into Adrila, seeking young and dissatisfied men and women in farmer villages. After a quick test of mettle and courage, the new recruit might be brought back to the Square Tower itself for further training. Once the training is passed without fatalities, the recruit is taken into the Dimberg mountains, where they are tasked with killing any of the local beasts and retrieve its corpse, sheathing their sword after the deed is done, but without drying it off. The sword, freezing in the sheath, will be impossible to draw out before it thaws, and the recruit will have to fend off any possible attacks with only shield and fist (or other weapon he may have brought). Once back at the Square Tower, the recruit will have the blood stuck on his sword compared to the blood of the creature he claims to have killed, and if it matches, he will be accepted officially as a Knight of the Square Tower.

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