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Post  Elileo95 on Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:58 am

Name: Frøya (Freyja) Njordsdottir

- Race: Human, but wholeheartedly believing she is the human reincarnation of a specific Godess.
- Age: In her early twenties
- Gender: Female
- Occupation: Running a pub, «The Well and the Raven»
- Height: 1.70 meter
- Weight: 60 kg.

Freyja Njordsdottir Lenes10

- Constantly accompanied by her two snow-white cats
- When travelling, she carries a golden spear at all times, although little more than a few daggers hidden underneath her clothes at an everyday basis.

Distinctive traits:
- Beauty few other women can match ( a rather important trait that inflicts her persona as much a those around her)
- Her clothes are always soft and light in the fabric, perfectly fit to run through Sherfelds fields of tall grass.
- She has a thing for heavy, golden jewelry.
- Long blonde hair, naturally wavy, only occasionally braided.
- Intense blue eyes, almost turquise in colour.

Cheerfull and loud most of the time, are seen as obnoxious by some and utterly charming by others, and as a girl that never turns down a good party.
As a woman with her face and body she is used to mens facination with her and knows how to make use of it. However, she isnt always accepted by other women and seems to prefer the company of men, being a flirty tease or just a caring friend. Although originally of Ivellea, she now runs a pub in the Adiral province Sherfeld.
She constantly talks of her husband serving in the ranks of Ivelleas Military, but wheter he is real or not is still a mystery.
Frøya is also convinced she is no less than the reincarnation of the Godess of the same name, sadly for her no one else she knows of but herself belives in the old scrolls she discovered long ago for her to be gifted with this newfound religion of hers.
Her past is somewhat a mystery, as is her reasons to leave her homeland, and she rarely reveals anything personal despite her seemingly honest ways.

Magic affinity:
What she seemingly keeps to herself is the fact that she is indeed a powerful sorceress. The magic she wields is great and the nature of her powers are unknown to anyone but herself. If she makes use of it however, it is either for her own gain od to help the few she feels are deservant of it.
Her powers seems to have strengtened her belief in herself as a Godess.

Favorite food: Steak
Favorite drink: Long-term brewed beer
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite music: As long as its loud and upbeat, she likes it.
Favorite colour: Pink





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Post  Homu on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:53 pm

I'm more wondering about the name being in Viking Language and using viking letters, both do not exist in TOS. (yet).
Don't really care about the rest. If she is fun to RP with, she can do or be whatever you want.

Given Bjorn allows it, of course. *boot lick mode*

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