Crevethian Prairie

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Crevethian Prairie

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North of Elthern and south of the Xillidi territories, one finds Crevethia. This wide, open prairie is home to the Rhino Tribes and the centaur, who prefers this area over cramped-up cities or deep forests. The road to the Federation from Elthern goes here, as does the road to the West Coast. The roads are primarily kept by the Rhino Tribes, and at least one tribe thunder over a section of road per day. Off the roads, one can find buffalos, centaur, rhinos and other large creatures, as well as smaller creatures like prairie dogs. It is a wide, open area, and many small brooks make their way through the landscape, joining up with larger rivers on the way to the sea.  For many, many years, the region has been left alone, ever since Chandeum fell apart.

Rhino Rock
The closest you can get to a city in the region is Rhino Rock, a massive rock formation in the western parts of the prairie. An old tower stretches skyward, raised by Chandeum centuries ago (with the tribesmen's approval and promises of independence), and maintained once a year by a scholar from Elthern. This tower is the sole focus point in the region, and is raised upon a massive stone, roughly hewn over many years to resemble a sleeping rhino.  It is a crude and ugly thing, but the Rhino Tribes gather here often, and so too do the centaur. It is a wild life out on the plains, and a large cave system burrows under the rock, and so the Rhino Tribes often go here for childbirth or burials. The centaur remain outside, but they too find rest and safety there. It is an unwritten law that no blood shall be shed in a fight around the Rhino Rock, for the tribesmen revere the great rock, and the centaur have no issues with this situation.

Crevethia is a flat land. It is not high above the sea, and there are few hills there, so the sea winds come in over the land with all one can expect. It does not have a lot of forest, so one's usually exposed to the rain. The ground isn't well suited to farming, as it's rocky and tough. But it's a region with its own charm, if one knows where to look, and it's rare for authorities to pursue criminals out here, so highwaymen occasionally try to make a living here. The centaurs rarely accept the presence of highwaymen, and drive them off, but they come back, posing a minor threat to merchants.


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