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Yes, centaurs.

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Name: Fari
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Adventurer
Origin: Crevethian Prairie
Height: 231 cm
Weight: 403 kg

Personality: Fari is young and yet unused to human traditions. She's full of energy and itching to explore the world, but she's cautious as well, keeping a conversational distance from more civil races.  Not once has she stepped into a human city, instead travelling along roads and repeatedly getting disappointed at finding inn doors too small for her to enter. She remains determined in her pursuit of adventure, however.

Weapons: Fari carries a bow and a quiver full of arrows. She has no melee weapon, relying on her speed to stay at range. If brought into hand to hand combat, however, she can and will kick her opponent.

Magic affinity: Not yet revealed. She shows a certain aptitude towards both long-distance travelling and short-distance sprints, as well as archery, but she hasn't managed to manifest a proper magical ability in either yet.

Traits and flaws: Her speed and determination are her primary traits, as she can maintain her full mobility without a mount, and go on for a long time without a break. She's quite hard to get in touch with, however, and has a much higher need for food than humans do. Her determination can be used against her, as well, by those cunning enough to do so.

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