The Glasslands

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The Glasslands

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:21 am

Located at the utmost South of the Old World is the huge expanse of land known as the Glasslands. It is a desert made of grains of super dense ice, formed over centuries. Often regarded as a highly dangerous place, only a handful of individuals have dared to create living abodes in this horrid land. The desert is plagued by monsters have unnatural variety and ferocity that dominate the landscape, but most of all it is plagued by icestorms. Crude magical focus points in the desert cause winds to become empowered when near the points. When this happens, the wind flows away with more power than it naturally should have. When it does, it picks up countless pieces of the ice that compose the desert and creates a sandstorm-like gust that can shred a person apart with ease. What's more, the ice has a cruel reaction with the blood of living things; it will "contaminate" and freeze the blood, along with everything it flows through. People infected by the ice eventually freeze inside out and join the "sands" of the desert. There is not much to behold at its Southernmost point other than a view; for those willing to go there, a line of outposts organized by a handful of brave people serve as a relatively safe route through the deserts, with people moving between the outposts during set intervals. Of course, the schedule they created is only rough, and the desert itself can certainly shift its sands to betray their expectations.

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